You have to check out this new online commercial done for a couple of our members.

very nice Thanks … Cookie

Great job guys!!!

Now I am really disappointed that NACHI TV isn’t coming to Orlando on the 25th and 26th.

Guess they are brothers.Do they post here.?
Being the ever ready critic I thought the script was good as was the pace.
Brother on the left had a little to much reflection on his glasses,and they were obvious in looking to their right while reading.Other wise it was very slick.Next time they just need to smile more.Good voices.

Got another one coming tomorrow. We’ll get good at it in time. NACHI.TV today hired a company to build us a bunch of professional video templates so that members can just send us their pics and/or logos and we can build them their own online video commercial. This way we can produce them for all members.

Great job, please keep those guys out of my market. :smiley:

Nice Job NACHI-TV Rocks. You guys have so much fun I want a job at NACHI!!! :smiley:

Can we write our own scripts? Can these ads be placed on a website?

I have to agree with Robert. It sort of mesmerized me to watch them continually looking to the side to read the copy. I would guess the teleprompter or cards were off to the side. I think if they would have been straight on with the camera, the glare on the glasses wouldn’t have been an issue either.

Very clear speaking, good voices and good content. Good job guys.

I think what Stephen ment to say was that it had a good beat, he could dance to it, so he’ll give it a 9.5 :mrgreen:

errrrrrr or was that American Bandstand?? :roll:

Actually Pete you may have been correct. I just couldn’t get the picture of you and Nick table dancing down in Vegas out of my mind. You may have forgotten when you slept in until noon…:mrgreen:

Yes, you will be able to put 'em on your web sites. That part of the system is in the works. And then you’ll be able to get stats on how many people watch your video, etc.


You better let me do yours for you Jimmy. Be sure and bring some extra money tomorrow, I am a early drinker.

What will the turn around time be ?

Once the templates are done, we can create everyone’s pretty quickly. Of course if a member wants his face or logo in it, we’ll have to wait to get those but editing will be a breeze.

Just think, ALL members are going to have their own online video commercials! :smiley: