Nachi-TV<ppv/18> :wink:

I finally got around to watch the HVAC video, which I purchased some time ago. Great all around training, if you are looking to expand your knowledge of the HVAC systems. Bill Mele is very well suited for this course, an information machine, he is like a “professor” in this field. I think he could have added hours more to the class, easily.

A few thoughts and comments I’d like to pass along.

  • Bill shows and demonstrates a lot about HVAC systems which is really, as he says, " beyond the inspection scope".:eek:
  • I like the periodic slide-shows from Ben Gromicko.:smile:
  • The streaming and fast-forward seem to stud-er a few times, even when trying on a different pc.:neutral:
  • A bit of a hick-up on part 4, one hour in, it jumped to part five.:mad:
  • Part four gave me the most problems with the ‘view anytime’ option. Same issue on both pc’s.:sad:
  • I really liked the demolition on the furnace. Way to go Ben.:shock:
  • The course is advertised for 21 ce hours, my state gave me 6 hours, even after watching just over 16 hours. Might want to check your state to see what you may be allowed.:shock:

I recommend this course if you need to add to your HVAC understanding.

Thank you, Nachi-TV, Ben Gromicko and Professor Bill Mele.