Watch this 2 minute video promo on HVAC training.

Course is now available.

Looks like fun.

But no time…plugged with work and I’m cooking for the gang for Thanksgiving.


Hi Nick,
I just read the resume for the course instructor and I am impressed.

This week I received a technical manual and several videos for a $2,295.00 “Oil Heat Technicians Course” that I am going to take.

The course is 40 hours per week and is four weeks long for a total of 160 hours.
The manual and videos are put out by the National Oil Heat Research Alliance {NORA} and the facility is owned and operated by the New England Fuel Institute which is one of the most reputable and prestigious facilities in New England.

From looking at your short video and reading the “course content” it seems that your price of $199.00 is fair!

There are several excellent photographs at the bottom of your “informational page” that when I place the mouse over them I would like to see enlarged.

Do you think you can get this “corrected”?

I have noticed that the videos freeze for a couple of seconds and then move forward. I had a client first tell me about this last week when watching episode 1. I also see that it does it on this video. Is this because of the internet connection or is the problem on your end?
Is anyone else experiencing this?


Hi Greg!:stuck_out_tongue:
I just watched the video again and there was no skipping or glitch.

I experienced the freeze yesterday but not today.

If your internet connection isn’t fast enough, it will pause for a few seconds. If it drives you nuts, just let the whole segment play through first then back up and watch it.

Frank, the way we cram so much into 16 hours of video is through the miracle of editing. Editing permits our final product to roll at a fast pace (about twice the speed of classroom pace and about 4 times the speed of lab pace) without you really noticing it.

A classroom setting has many more pauses, off-topic discussions, repetition, bathroom breaks, lunch, set up, etc., that we cut out of our online video courses.

Also, this is about a $24,000.00 course (the very best). The professor alone charged $7,600.00 for his efforts.

Like I said… I was impressed with his Resume / background and the “Course Content” looked quite good.

How long did it take you to “shoot” this video?


I thought that it might be the connection. Just wanted to make sure.

Have a good weekend.

All together, 8 weeks of work. About 80 hours per week.

One month of preparation of the course materials and outline. 4 days of shooting. We had a dozen students join us while shooting. Then, one month of editing. I am really excited about the course.

I believe it is the best HVAC class that is available:
$9.47 per CE hour
Learn at your pace, from your comfortable couch, watch it anytime with unlimited viewing, 182-page course book, final exam, certificate.

Kenton and I contributed to the video with a few dozen defect slides from our own inspections of HVAC systems.

It’s our best work yet at NACHI.TV.

I encourage everyone to get HVAC Trained by InterNACHI.

I’ve got hundreds of pictures and illustrations that come from the HVAC Training Course.

For students who want a CD of them all, just give me a call after you take the course. No additional cost.