NACHI.TV Preview

Somebody get that man a polo shirt. Quick!

I’m thinkin’ he’s keepin’ his saddle shoes out of sight…:shock: :cool: :roll:

Goin’ to be enjoyable…good work! :smiley:

How about------ Does this @ss make my pants look small ?..ok now I’m just being silly.

Nick has that special magnetic cenema appeal that is a cross between
Don Johnson (Miami Vice) and Elmer Fud.

One in a million. :shock:

Oh well…

there goes all my good points I’ve built up over the last couple
weeks. But it was worth it.

Looks like a SNL weekly update.

Remember to save all the “Bloopers” They could be a best seller.

Someday I’m going to cut all the scenes of Nick playing with his hair into one long clip :slight_smile:

“Chris…help! I think I glued my hand to my head.”Nick.jpg

Thats why I don’t go to Cost Cutters or Super Cuts.:wink: :mrgreen:

This has got to stop. My wife has watched this several times, and with a wistful smile has declared: “He’s really cute.” I don’t see it myself, but maybe I’ll try flipping my hair before bed tonight.

make sure it is well glued down first mate!

Hey Nick,
need a female inspector co-anchor!?

See… what did I tell you?

Thousands of hearts are already starting to flutter.
Nick will have to put bars around the TV studio to
keep the girls away from him.

Girls will be asking to be on the show or be near Nick
with any excuse they can think of.

Elvis will be green with envy.


Actually, I think that’s mold.:wink: