The “party” will not be held here.


We did a bit of optimization on the servers yesterday, and they seem to be running quite a bit faster. As Nick said, one of the main problems is using very old code to run a message board with a massive amount of posts - but we’re working on implementing new software, with much more modern optimization, within the next few weeks as we work the kinks out.

Thank you Tim.

Hopefully for those of us that use it, we’ll still have the option of the “2008 style” for viewing.

Still not much better as far as page loading.

Then what website is it being held on???

facebook coats for kids page

Page loads are much faster today.


I’m not joking. Nick announced it.

Cozy Coats for Kids - Home | Facebook

Time to put moderators in place for some sections.

I’m glad you’re doing it and not me. :smiley:

Thank you!

Well Nick. 2 weeks from your post would have been by the end of the year. Now we are a couple days short of March and this old forum is still operating and is as slow as can be. So how about fixing the forum and let updating the cmi pages take second seat. It’s either that or just close it down and everyone will migrate over to Facebook where 99% of the action takes place anyway.

You saying I’ve been missing all the action, since it takes place over at Facebook! :stuck_out_tongue:

About the only activity that takes place here is garbage political **** and posts in the NFE and posts on which states have accepted nachi education classes. Little else of value. Of course if you were to follow the IB or Nachi Groups on Facebook you would see the most incompetent people posing as inspectors you will find anywhere…

The very best reason avoid FB for home inspection questions.
It’s embarrassing.

I agree. I quit visiting the various FB “inspector” groups I belong to months ago.

But I strongly agree with Steve, this MB is going downhill fast. At times very slow and way too many happy birthday, and state CE post. Few actually related to home inspections.