InterNACHI's website close to topping 100 million hits.

Bottom of

And this message board is close to getting its 1 millionth post.

The race is going to go down to the wire.

Great to hear!

Is that why page loads are taking forever???

That has to be on your end. Site is snappy from here. Also, according to our average load time is 1.287 seconds, faster than most sites.

Nachi is the only site I’m having issues with. Very much the same as a few months ago (roughly) until Chris did something with the servers (I think).

I’ll look into it. Anyone else experiencing slow page loads?

I just timed three page loads… all 9 to 12 seconds. The tab at the top says “waiting for…”

Whoa, that is way too slow. Anyone else experiencing slow page loads?

Jeffrey, InterNACHI’s website and the message board are on different servers. Are both slow for you? Do these two pages both load slow: and ?

I was a couple months ago, but not now, basically instantaneous.

I think when I was using Firefox NACHI loaded slow, since I been using Chrome, no problems.

Might be your browser Jeff?

Both instantaneous here, Nick.

And congratulations are in order, Nick…!!

Quite the accomplishment…!!!

Yes, both slow.

I went to the educational stuff and no issues.

I mistakenly hit the CMI link, and slow. IAQ2 kinda slow but not too bad.

This has been going on for a couple of days. I updated to IE 10 last night, but no change. I tried chrome, but same issue.

Guess I’ll run all my AV stuff tonight and see what it finds.

Thanks for looking into it Nick.

It’s loading quite fast for me, in South Korea. I’m not sure what the issue is, but perhaps try clearing your browser cache and starting again. If that doesn’t work, it’s likely that it relates to your specific internet provider. I’m not sure what Chris did last time to make it faster, but I’ll ask him.


Thanks Tim. I’m signing off now to run a full system maintenance. If I discover the problem, I’ll be sure to post it for others sake.

InterNACHI’s Senior Software Engineer writes:

Stay away from that northern border Tim! :roll:


Nick, spent the last day or two running every check I could, no issues found. No idea where to look next.

Hi -

Tell me, do you have a smart phone or a computer in a different place (work, home, library) you could try it on, to see if it gets the same slow speed?