Nail pops interior of non-ventilated brick veneer

Nail pops were not real serious but they were there at different points interior of this brick. No ventilation of the space behind the brick, so that during the summer when it rained and was hot out, brick would soak up water, then due to moisture and temperature gradients, release it to the inside by diffusion when the air conditioning was on. home built in '84.

"Nail pops visible on the interior surfaces of walls with brick veneer appear to be the result of moisture migration. During the summer, when the home interior is cool and outside temperatures are high, moisture from rain absorbed by the porous brick may diffuse through the wall toward the interior, raising moisture levels in the drywall and causing bulging on the interior wall surfaces at drywall nail locations.

This appears to be part of a slow, long-term process and will probably continue. It is a cosmetic, rather than structural issue".

Them ain’t no “nail pops”, them is “nail explosions”. I agree with your assessment, with the added question: is there a layer of felt or house wrap on the wall behind the brick? If this was omitted, it would exacerbate the effect of moisture migration.

Can’t tell for sure whether building wrap is present, Richard. It’s pretty well sealed. The home is 23 years old and I think the damage would be a lot worse if there were no building wrap at all. There’s felt paper behind the siding, so that’s probably what’s behind the brick, too.

The grading looks flat.

What is the basement like? Is it dry, is there a high water table, attic ventilation? Are the downspouts discharging a minimum 6’ from the house?
There doesn’t appear to be a gutter on the upper front roof?

It’s a condo, Ray. Basement looked clean, though.