Nail Spacing

On Wind Mit nail spacing, the Zircon is going to pick up everything, staples, old nails, new nails. So, a “6” in the field" declaration is really just something every 6" right? Is there a way to KNOW you are sensing 8Ds vs 6Ds or staples?

You are correct regarding the item that is detected.
Best visual guess!

Also Michael, remember that if the home has been recently reroofed and permitted, you’re bound to see sometimes a combination of “shiners” such as staples and #8d or #6’s and #8 ringshank etc… With that said, it is always wise for you to check permitting history prior to your inspection. That way, you will specifically look for that compliant nail pattern and disregard the staples for example and just document the #8’s.

Be careful though. I recently had a home in which the roof was replaced (not permitted) on the front side only and renailed with #8 ringshanks.

Problem is the back was not touched and still had the original staples. So as I’m sure you know, 3.A. was the default. We need to be sleuths at times…lol


The Zircon will pick up anything metal, including roofing nails, so use your head…;-). It will not determine what type of fastener used. That is why we measure the shiner. It also helps to know the typical nailing codes at the time the deck was nailed. And, make sure you are documenting the spacing in the field of the plywood and not the edge.

Not permitted and improper. If 25% or more of the roof is replaced in one calender year, the entire roof must be replaced. (611.1.1)

Shiners and a ruler, But watch for deck thickness;) look at a couple of shiners to make sure you are getting the same thing. Roofers do some looney things:roll:

Blatant code violations and a ruler. :slight_smile:
Fixed it for ya!:wink:


Watch out for that one sheet of plywood that got replaced right above the hatch where they used 8d ring shanks, but forgot to nail off the rest of the roof. Look around before you pull out your ruler.:twisted:

Yes you are correct Eric. And remember on the 4 point form from Citizens which I use and you use as well, there is the check box asking what % of the roof was replaced. I checked 50% along with roof not permitted and let the insurance company decide.


Sorry if I’m not understanding this correctly but the nailing pattern doesn’t need to feature a shiner, right? It can be four reasonable hits (in the field) off the Zircon on a truss with no shiners, right?

A picture of the shiner is just to show the insurance company the size nail used. That’s why we measure it. In you’re measurement showing your nailing pattern you don’t need to include the shiner there specifically if that’s what you’re asking Michael. But you still need to show a picture of a shiner somewhere.


Thanks Bert - that’s what I was asking. I know you need to show the measured shiner & the spacing. I was asking if the spacing needs to feature a shiner. I’ve seen attics where some past inspectors have included the shiner and most not.

Either the guys who did my roof were super accurate or my roof isn’t nailed down :slight_smile: Seriously, I’ve been back and forth the whole attic and cannot locate a shiner up there anywhere as I practice with my MT6.

So, what happens in that situation with no shiner?


You tell the insurance agent that you have a roof that was installed properly, is code compliant, and the permit should be enough. I include a picture of the permit in the report or a screen shot of the permit online. I also include the attachment for home in the hurricane zone, which is the code from 1996.

I have only had one agent question it and after the client moved in, I chiseled out a nail and sent that picture in.

Is your roof original or a re-roof?
When the roof decking is nailed down originally, there is no ceiling in place and the inspector just has to look up for missed nails. If they find them, they red tag the job and it has to be re-inspected.

Have you zero’ed your MT6?

I use 6 in 36 inches.

I only had it happen once or twice. Look for a side splitter

Good to know… I’ve been on the lookout for that to happen and I guess I can just expect to find shiners eventually.

On a re-nail, I have always found a shiner (sometimes too many). Eric is right about framers pulling out shiners before a framing inspection, but they usually don’t get all of them…gotta look harder. On an original roof from the 70’s or earlier, many roofs were hand nailed with 6d nails without missing. I try to put the puzzle together with age, permitting, and knowledge of the changing nailing codes over the years for my area.

Meeker has a system for documenting roof decks with no shiners…he makes it work.:stuck_out_tongue: