nails in stem wall

The nails that are sticking out of the concrete stem wall (pointed side of nail sticking out) are left over from the form boards used to create the foundation, correct? Just want to make sure as I remember in training the guy I was with always called them out cause he didn’t like it but forget the exact reason they were there. thanks.

Saftey hazard, kids palying in the yard can get cut on them. Always called out.

Yep, recommend removal due to safety hazard.

I’ll always tell them to break them off sideways verses bending them up and down. If you hit them with a small sledge hammer sideways, they snap. If you hit them up and down, you’ll be there for a while.

it’s odd that nails, pointed side out, would be sticking out of a concrete wall. i can’t figure out how the wall was formed. maybe you are talking about “snap-ties” which are steel rods that are part of the forming system. they should be removed (generally by striking with a hammer) and the void should be filled with a concrete patch.

the reason is because if steel is left exposed it will rust, the rust will expand and spall of the concrete. this is one reason for a lot of the bridge failures, rusting steel reinforcing blowing out the concrete.


He’s simply using his terminology. I knew what he was talking about.

Yes, he’s referring to the steel pieces that hold the forms together, for the pour.