Name the Defects

This is a sub-panel in a garage. There are six significant defects. See if you can name them. And no, the dead front is not missing.

1-No equipment grounding bus
2-No raceway for feeder conductors
3-No connectors for NM cable
4-EGC’S on neutral bus
5-Missing KO seal at bottom
6-No EGC in feeder
7-#14 conductors on 20 amp OCPD’s

I see 7 defects

In addition to Roberts assessment…No Permits or electrician.

Good one.

A 3 wire feeder without the bond screw installed.

Neutral not identified.

At least one cable not fastened within 12" of the box.

I’m impressed anyone could see the 14 gauge on a 20 amp breaker.

Good job.

The color of the cable sheath gave it away.

Yup, although it’s not a universal standard many cable manufacturers have adopted white for #14 NM cable.

Do you see any others?

One more that I see

Never mind you have it wrote in there.

  1. Looks like the EGC was cut off in the far left NM cable.

Great post thanks… Roy

  • Safety Issue: An excessive amount of sheathing has been left on some of the wiring inside the main distribution panel. Typically, when wires are brought into the panel, they should be stripped of their sheathing so that no more than about an inch of sheathing projects into the panel. Too much sheathing inside the panel can make it difficult to work with the wires, will promote heat build-up, and will be a fuel source in the event of a panel fire. This condition should be corrected.

The amount of sheath in the panel does not contribute to heat buildup any more than when in the wall. The NEC only requires at least 6 inches of free conductor outside the sheath.

Jim and Robert should be able to say if that has changed.

Found it at E 3907.8 of the 2012 IRC
The cable sheath is continuous through the raceway
and extends into the enclosure beyond the fitting not
less than
inch (6.4 mm).

The minimum extension into the box remains at least 1/4".

I agree nothing has changed. I’m thinking that the 1/4" minimum extension would not apply to the metal panel enclosure in the OP.

I was merely trying to show that there is no maximum, but there is a minimum. :slight_smile:

Or should we say, good building practices…

For sure, it does look sloppy and follows for other places also at times.