Narrative Question: Sand Used to Regrade Lot

This home has a pair of spots with negative grading. I observed bags of sand, and loose sand in those locations - it appeared someone attempted to fix the grading issue.

How would you narrate this? The following is what I have written (but I don’t love it):

The home had areas of neutral or negative drainage that will route runoff from precipitation toward the foundation. Proper (positive) grading should move water away from the foundation and property. The inspector observed sand had been installed at these locations. Water is absorbed by, and penetrants, sand. The Inspector recommends re-grading these areas to improve drainage near the foundation and help reduce the risk of foundation damage. The ground should slope away from the home a minimum of 1/4-inch per foot for a distance of at least six feet from the foundation. The Inspector recommends correction by a qualified contractor.

Also, I noted the high efficiency furnace venting blocking egress from the basement window.

That’s a good catch, Saman. The sand will not shed water.

I would change “penetrants” which is a noun, to “penetrates” which is a verb.
Your pictures are in sharp focus and show the area of concern. Good job.

Instead of 1/4" per foot, I use 1" per foot here in East TN. I don’t know what your soil is like in your area so I won’t advise you to change your recommendation.

You mentioned that the Egress is blocked by the pipe. You might also add (if you didn’t already) that the window well is undersized also.

Egress Well


Thanks Bert! I appreciate the kind words and constructive criticism!

Great catch. I learned something new today!

I’ll have to investigate this further. I see a lot of windows well like this in my area…

On slope, we use six inches of fall for every ten feet. However, you can always just say “improve slope/drainage by a qualified landscape contractor”.

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Okay… three months later and I’m just now seeing this, but I’m sure it is already handled, so I don’t think anyone will mind me going “off topic” with an observation…

Saman… did you notice or comment on the “source of ignition” above the NG service pressure regulator??

I just saw this for the first time also @jjonas . Not a very well thought out placement for a radon mitigation system.
Saman, those regulators act as a pressure relief also and will vent from time to time, just an fyi note. And another point, 1/4" per foot slope is the same as a 2% grade. Landscaping companies would understand that better, typically anyway. @bhull1 left you with some great graphics btw. Incorporating graphics into reports can be very helpful when trying to explain to a client what is being described. Excellent catch on the grading issues. :+1: