NASA Found Water on Mars!!

Image and info is on their site.

I think Dom ate toooo many cookies. Obviously coming off a sugar high.

Hey that’s an offical site, look for yourself, the picture must be real.

Wow… it looks so real.

Hacking thoes Gov sites again Dom?

There’s a comedian in every crowd.

I’ll do you one better, I found “LIFE on MARS?”

They pretty much knew there was a good chance of some type perma frost.
Lets face it , the odds are great for life in other spots.

I believe Europa has a good shot also.

Gives us a little hope at terra farming in the future , which is sorta cool.

(edit) ok just looked and you got me funny man.

Any news on Uranus :shock: ? (Ok, you all knew that was coming)

Yes, the Dems like the idea and have suggested building refinerys and nuclear plants on Mars. The Republicans also like it, because Halliburton will get the construction contracts.:wink:

Not on Mars, with that lack of an atmosphere to keep temperatures stable and that a lack of a magnetic field to deflect lethal UV radiation from the sun.:shock:

Had to try. I wonder who at NASA put that up :smiley:

Nick we look at life as only existing under Earth conditions , but who is to say mutated life cant exist under differant conditions.

Like Chicago?:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Hey you are the one with that creepy Rod Sterling picture.Mike:)

Rod Serling

Jimmy Stewart

Now I am really confused.




Yes, I know;-)

Were they found on Mars too?