Starry night

Went outside with my thermal camera just to practice with it and the sky was clear with half a moon and stars bright. In the moonlight bare trees framing little diamonds between the branches cooly waiting for the first burst of growth after some warm spring temperatures and a drink of rain.

So cool. Stars that have planets we can’t see without the help of an interstellar scope and even then we can’t tell if a planet has life. Statistically there may be thousands of planets with life but thats a mathematical possibility and a guess.

Just so cool. I’ll bet the astronauts were forever changed after being up there in that icy place.


Paul is there some reason you can not provide an actual picture rather than showing old art ?

By the way there are far more than thousands of planets with life most likely.
Not counting the fact there are multiverses.

Bravo for trying to be poetic but lets see your actual photography.
Science is about proof.

Wait until sunrise and get some images of the sun.
Those are really cool.

I was using a thermal camera, never thought about pointing it at the sky so tonight that’s on my list.

Seriously Linas?

I thought you were level I.

Do you know the temperature of space?

Absolute zero.

My camera does side by side pictures to my laptop so I could take a picture of the sky, I don’t know what or if anything I would see as I never tried it out.

Linas is just pulling my leg so ok and haha.

Yep I’m a level 1 so I’m still learning. No shame in that.

Oof dah

I looked up the temperature of space. It seems there are many temperatures.

So Mike, what is the temperature of space? Pick one and your wrong.
Should be interesting, as you like to say occasionally.

You will find out tonight. lololol

Or you could do it right now. lololol

Good point as space is there 24 hours a day.
Stars only disappear in visible light to the naked eyes.


I think ht may be level 3 secret. :wink:

HEY! How’d you get that pic in my fam rm?
Starry Night Van Gough 1889 I think. :slight_smile:

It is Starry Night by Van Gogh, powerfully nice painting.

Yep, now Mike is going to ask me to get the left handed screwdriver, the brass magnet and the board stretcher. I’m ready for that!

I bet you have the full set including the left handed monkey wrench.:stuck_out_tongue:

As a matter of fact I do!

I sold Paul his first set of drafting shoes and a elevator pass in H. S.

You have to know he has these.

Yeah, but I also have a skyhook for those really steep roofs too.

Bob. the elevator pass never worked, suppose I can get some of my dough back?
I’m keeping the drafting shoes though as my architect friends think their cool.