Nashville, tn inspector needed

If you are interested in doing HUD inspections and you are a NACHI member in the greater Nashville, TN area please email me.

You will do Routine Inspections and maybe HPIR’s (HUD Property Inspection Report)

Pending on the inventorty in the Nashville area you can earn a good income.

I have found that the hud inspections require too much time and not enough pay. I am sorry to say that. I have a group wanting me to do them and I did a few but good god, they want me to drag my generator and air pressure tanks to power up the electrical and to test the plumbing and they want me to sign off on everything making me liable, take numerous pictures fill out thier nonsence forms and for what 100.00, no thanks (and I have to wait and wait to get paid). I am too picky about my work and don’t sign off on things unless I am sure and it is just too much for to little.

Is this for Cooper city?

Sorry to pound on this but I have found doing inspections on HUD homes that the quality of work performed by these service companies is poor. I am also a licensed plumber and can tell you that the major of ones I go to have not been winterized properly. So if you are the follow up inspector for these HUD contractors you as the inspector will be taking on the liability. And these companies don’t seem to have their acts together, one I went to was suppose to have a lock box instead of the HUD key pattern and after driving 30 miles had neither, thank goodness I have done locksmith work in the past and was able to get in otherwise it would have been a waste.
I’m sorry but I take pride in what I do and I won’t short cut. And at 100.00 per inspection with the time, trouble, and paperwork (uploading forms and pictures) involved, I can clean gutters at two small homes and make that…

There are many differnet type of HUD inspections you can get into.