National Certificates on Hold

**Reliable sources tell me that the National Certification or at least the first 100 who were to be Certified will not receive their designations until November at the National Conference because they (National Certification Council) does not want to create an unfair marketing niche for the first 100 graduates and those not who have yet to apply subsequent to the first 100! Yeah right! Besides it will take til November to get everything done that we were all told would happen by the end of June. Just like they said 5,000 inspectors would be certified by 2007 and I questioned that number and the time frame.

Don’t say I didn’t tell ya so!


Gee does this sound familiar it sure does to me, and around we go where it stops no body knows. More Smoke and Mirrors.

Quote: Bill M I will let the National Certification Program speak for itself. The Pilot Project, which has been even a bigger success than anticipated, is almost over. The information derived from it has been invaluable. Within a short time, the National Certification Authority will be inviting ALL Canadian Home Inspectors to apply for evaluation with the goal of being a National Certificate Holder.

I Roy Cooke was the VERY first to get my application and money to CAHPI.
I was not accepted

Quote: Bill M. CAHPI and the National Certification Authority have and always will make this certification equally available to any active inspector in Canada, regardless of affiliation.

Did NOT in my case.

This to me sounds like some thing has gone wrong and many are scrambling to rectify it .
We have had many different stories from Bill M over the years and I can produce many of them .
I wonder why CAHPI and OAHI keep trying to spread so much BS and not just do things properly follow their rules, Do it dint tell us how good you are just produce .
It looks to me like they are trying to undermine them selves to show how great NACHI is ( the Three stooges tried to look goofy)

These leaders do it with out trying. Please go to the post below

Has any one heard about the test the first 100 where to take by the 15th of June two more days to go

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

Remember Whistler

Actually I think you will find those outside of CAHPI will require $1000 to get certified, while those inside CAHPI will be charged substantially less. Equally available? :wink:

If and when licencing comes around I think CAHPI and the Certification Council et al will be out of a job. I think they should be praised for pushing licencing that is truly forward thinking. And thats a good thing!

CMI[size=2] Will be the leader[/size]

Some Growing difficulty that will sort its self out but I do feel that CMI will be so far ahead of what ever Bill and his group think and try as they stumble along.
CMI is open for all from the get go no extra charges for any one else all Home Inspectors are treated equal .
Thats the proper way.
As per usual NACHI gets an idea and away it goes.
No smoke and Mirrors just immediate action
In time I expect this will be excepted all over North America.

Remember whistler. Look close that Light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

Roy Cooke sr


Licencing would make CMI irrelevant.

No I think it would be just an added benifit,
Time will tell.
Roy Cooke Sr… RHI … … CAHPI-ON.

Sorry I have given this much thought .
I feel this is just more of Bill Mullens Big BS.
Since when did OAHI or CAHPI ever worry about fairness and giving unfair advantage to a few.
This is exactly what has been going on for years with OAHI/CAHPI .
They con many poor souls into joining OAHI take their money tell them how good it is
going to be but does not allow them to do Home Inspections or advertise that they are members of OAHI.
In the end they do their best to discourage those who have hung on paid for many years and most are
never allowed to move up to the RHI level.
After over ten years they still maintain about 200± RHis still having about 500 who pay
most of the bills that are most are pushed out the door after paying for years.

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

Remember Whistler

[FONT=Arial]Hello Bill:[/FONT][FONT=Arial][/FONT]

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[FONT=Arial]You’ve cashed my application cheque for entry into the pilot project. I’ve sent you all the required forms that you asked me fill out and send back to you. I received this note:[/FONT][FONT=Arial][/FONT]

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No certificates will be awarded until the National Conference in Calgary in November. The reason for this is so the Pilot Project group do not gain an unfair marketing advantage before others have a chance to apply. In fact as of right now, no inspectors have been recommended for certification.

So, even though many people have successfully passed their TIPR exams, that is but one of the criteria used to determine whether or not they qualify.

The Certification process has many checks and balances built in to ensure its credibility, so it takes a fair length of time for the paperwork to make its way through all of the steps.

Bill Mullen


So when am I going to be given the opportunity to write the TIPR exam and complete the practical inspection? Just out of curiosity as I haven’t heard anything back from you for a long while. If you have time could you please drop me a note and let me know what is going on. Thank you.


**C. Brett Bernier **CRI

Fraser Valley Home Inspections


****[size=2]Hi Brett:

That message from me was not directed only to you. In fact, it was my reply to a question asked on the Canuck Forum. There are several parts to the Pilot Project. If you have submitted the Background Application materials, they are now being reviewed.

The TIPR Examinations are gradually being done across Canada. Obviously, not everyone can be processed at once, because the number of inspectors per day in each TIPR session averages six, and before the TIPR’s could occur, we needed to train and examine some examiners.

There are now some people in British Columbia who have been appointed as Examiners, and it is their job to schedule the sessions. They still have a couple months left in which to do that, so I’m sure you will hear from someone in due time. Obviously we would like them done sooner than later, but since this is a Pilot Project, we want people to take their time and get things done right.

Thanks for your patience

Bill Mullen RHI

Well don’t say I didn’t tell you all so. Seems some have been taken hook line and sinker.

Come on folks we all know they could never process the numbers they said they could (5000) inspectors by the end of 2007.

And fwiw worth stop and think about the statement being given for the postponement. Do you really think it is unfair competition creeping into the picture as to the delay? Come on are we all that stupid? The more likely reason is because CAHPI et al, haven’t got their S H I T together, they haven’t got enough Examiners in place. There is no way the Certification has created an imaginary need for inspectors so early in the process, let alone an unfair marketing advantage so early in the game.

I am still waiting for the return of my money from CAHPI, seems the first cheque went astray! I guess they really must be hard up for money!

Yeah the only problem is who is ensuring the credibility of the Examiners, the BOD, and the others involved? After all we all know they all appointed one another.

They (CAHPI) also want to delay so they can stage a big PR launch at a national convention just like they did with PDI inspections. And we all know how that one went over like a lead balloon.

Remember Whistler. Now I see CTV is a launching a new series entitled “Whistler”.

From Inspectors Journal:

 	 		 Test inspection with Peer Review (TIPR) is part of our National Certification program. I agree it is a daunting task, but feel it is necessary to ensure that even old-timers like me are doing inspections right. Yes, I will have to pass one.

We actually have some government money to develop the protocol and train ‘reviewers’ but the examination process should pay for itself.
We will train several ‘reviewers’ will will be very experienced inspectors. Hopefully, many will either be retired or close to retirement. We call them ‘Emeritus Volunteers’ although we will be paying them an honorarium. Inspectors being Peer Reviewed will pay a fee (amount still to be determined) which should offset the cost to CAHPI.
If we examine 5000 inspectors in a period of six months, that is about 200 per week. If we have a team of twenty examiners across Canada, that’s only ten per week per examiner. We estimate that each examiner can process five or six people per day. Like most jobs, they don’t seem so bad when you break them down into chunks.

Bill Mullen.

Oh really! 6 months for 5,000 inspectors! Here we go again.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON.

Gee this sounds like another money making idea .

We have the OAHI directors self appointed teaching wish to be Home Inspectors that there is no job for .

Now we have OAHI/CAHPI self appointed again going to now examine existing home inspectors to be home inspectors .

This never ends, sounds like a pyramid scheme to me .

Now they want to be paid again after taking money to teach them the first time .

Now if they manage to get 5,000 accredited to the National Certification this again will allow us all to charge lower prices
give trips to agents and golf memberships to try and make a living as this industry will sure have a lot more inspectors that there are jobs for.

This is great for those self appointed to control the Home Inspectors destiny.

OAHI is operating under a False Charter
( They are far from a ( not for profit ) organasation )
Above Well worth the read

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

Remember Whistler


Roy stated

Dream on…your comments are way off base.

In your experience as a home inspector - does it not make logical sense to test home inspectors on the requisite skills required to perform a home inspection? Can the inspector identify the “must find defects”, life, health and safety issues, and address end of life components? This testing also includes communication in both oral and written along with general knowledge that a client would typically ask or require to clarify an inspection. Seems like a pretty valid testing plan.

For the records in my position as Chief Examiner - I was not self-appointed.

Now who else offers such testing? Simple research shows the answer to that question - ASHI. So who can independently test other home inspectors?

But to your allegation about money and pyramid schemes. I am once again personally insulted by this allegation. I have not received any financial compensation to date for my work as a volunteer on this project. Lets see for travel expenses to Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg, Sarnia, Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa. More to come including B.C. Yes that includes money paid out of my own pocket. Not to mention the time commitment away from home and family. Now couple that a with a dedicated team of others that are doing likewise. Thanks for adding insult to injury!

Now remember those selected under the pilot project paid $100 + tax. Just this past week-end alone the TPIR session resulted in 2 examiners being trained and 4 applicants tested through the process. Thats $600 of fees collected versus the expenses to run a TIPR. A fee is paid for the use of the house, a meeting room, etc. Expenses are restricted to “cost recovery” not to exceed the fees collected. In other words $600 income = $600 maximum for expenses. Excuse me - but where the heck is this a money making venture? Now factor in my losses, and the work of others in CAHPI national for the adminstration costs involved. It seems some assume this to be a money making venture. That certainly is not the case.

BTW: The CAHPI associations fully endorse this as a fair process rather than those that believe everyone should be simply grandfathered - which is an unfair process. Besides this is another means to assure that a home inspector walks the walk and talks the talk expected under the NOS. (National Occupational Standards)

Hopefully this “answers” your question. I cannot answer those portions that do not involve me.

Another BTW: When is having an excess accumulated income not allowed under the guides of Revenue Canada? Check IT-496R, item #8. One can have as much as one year of money set aside for operation cost as a non-profit. How do I know - I am a director of a non-profit adult recreation corporation.

With the cost of $1000.00 being bandied about it would appear to me that when the stated number of 5000 inspectors being certified by 2007 that translates to, lets see, 5000 X $1000 thats $5,000,000. I would suggest that $5 million is a large chunk of money by any stretch of the imagination. If you cannot do the job for under $5 million then somebody is not doing the job properly.If you can do it for less than that amount then someone is pocketing some money somewhere.

Claude don’t feel hard done by. As DPPC chair of Oahi I for the longest time spent a lot of my own money on postage, registered letters, long distance calls, evenings on the phone dealing with dilenquent people like Bill, spending gas money running to the post office, making ID cards for OAHI, helping out at conferences. Why? Because I volunteered. I am tired of hearing volunteerism used as an excuse. Many in Oahi have used it as an excuse, if you and others can’t stand the heat of volunteerism get out of the kitchen. Also I remember that it was claimed that no one was paid to go to Kingston back a year or so ago, when in fact you were paid for expenses. I was not reimbursed nor was I given any recognition (no stinking plaque) only grief, and aggravation and the run around. You volunteered so don’t complain! Are you telling us you are paying for your own airfare? If so and along with all the other costs I hope you are writing it off against your business.

Come on Claude don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I am just as qualified as anyone of the examiners and likely more so. For me to be tested by someone who thinks they are God is a joke. Mr. Cameron Allen and Alden Gibson are not some miracle workers and I am particularly concerned with Cameron Allen being involved he has enough skeletons in his closet.

As to Chief examiner you were given the position or appointed it was not an open process. Just as others were appointed from within there were no elections. Not very democratic. Nor is there any representation from outside CAHPI/OAHI.

I see you have no issues with the way Bill Mullen carries on and misrepresents the truth repeatedly, but you never say anything about that do you? He suggested that I slithered out of the National. Well let me tell you and that SOB that I don’t slither from anything. But I can read the facts just as well as anyone and I know bull when I read and hear it. Bill Mullen has twisted the facts and continually gets away with it. He is representing CAHPI, NCA, et ceteras and the government is funding some of it. So someone had better relay the facts to Mr. Mullen. He said many things in the past about the National, and now we see the usual bravado ending up being bravado. Just like his national insurance was a flop , his preston guides, the National and everything else he says. Where is this mans credibility. He can’t even provide documentation to anything he disputes.

As to testing regardless whether ASHI is testing, or Nachi or OAHI or CAHPI the point is the Colleges test and administer the exams and marks. Any one graduating from college with a diploma in home inspections is in my opinion qualified. So who needs OAHI and CAHPI?

Boy your good but don’t sell me a bill a goods that I know to be completely embellished and twisted by your colleagues. Its a pity you continue to object to only what you read here and remain silent on the acts and words of the other sinners. Truly objective are you? Nice.

Don’t come here and preach gospel and truth when we know P2P and Carson Dunlop put considerable amount of money into CAHI. That in itself is questionable.

Yes licencing and the sooner the better. People you associate with do not deserve any recgonition because its a clique!