MR, Mullen, Is National Certification Ready yet?

Hi Bill ,
Is the National Certification ready yet?
I try you send my application within short time.
But I did not know how long it takes to process?

James Koong from BC Canada

Hi James:

Yes, the NCA is receiving applications every day. You can download a copy of the Application for Background Review from the NCA site at

Once you have completed and sent that in with your payment, the process begins. This involves reviewing your application by the National Registrar to ensure all documents are in place and complete. If they are, she forwards your file to the National Certification Council, (NCC) who reviews your background experience, education and training to determine if it meets the National Occupational Standards requirements.

If that is in order, your file is then sent back to the Registrar who advises the National Chief Examiner that you are eligible to take your Test Inspection with Peer Review. (TIPR). If you pass your TIPR, you will be recommended to the National Certification Authority to become a National Certificate Holder.

The entire process can take as little as a couple of months if your association has signed an Equivalency Agreement with CAHPI. If it has not, the process is much more complicated and this can add two or three months to the process. In other words, the time frame can be from about two to six months, and that’s if all of your documentation is complete and correct.


Bill Mullen

As per usual This proves how good NACHI is .
It is so unfortunate that other home inspector associations do not help all home Inspectors like NACHI does.

Others can say as they wish but too me NACHI continues to grow and prosper by helping all Associations and All Home Inspectors .

A Big Thanks To NICK and All the NACHI members .

Roy Cooke A HAPPY NACHI Member

Got a call from a pissed off buyer last night. Had house inspected by an RHI and now she has water and mould problems. Aparently he never did any moisture tests. More work for me and maybe even expert witness if she decides to sue.
Gota love it.

RHI? Real Home Inspector?

RHI in Ontario doesn’t mean much anymore, OAHI is reluctant to enforce the provisions of PR 158, no money, no interest.

Home Inspection advancement. It is not going well in the UK either
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Hips debacle is no hurray
By James Morton

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STRANDED: Lynne Humber and Kevin Harvey, who stand to lose work and cash in the delayed Hips programme Buy this photo
SCORES of potential inspectors across Bournemouth and Poole, who have invested up to £10,000 in training, have been left floundering by the Home Information Packs (Hips) fiasco.
The controversial packs were due to be introduced by the government from June 1 to streamline and simplify the long-winded house buying process.
Many professionals chose to invest heavily in training to become home inspectors and energy assessors for the scheme.
But following a string of complications, including legal challenges, the implementation of the Hips proposal has been put back to August 1 leaving many out of work and out of pocket.
More than 20 disgruntled inspectors-to-be from the conurbation have now established a group - the Bournemouth and District Home Inspectors Association (BDHIA) - to lobby MPs and find out where they stand.
“When we heard the date was being put back, it was quite shattering,” said one member of the BDHIA, who wished to remain anonymous.
“Apart from the financial involvement, there was four months of intensive training using up every spare moment.”
Lynn Humber, who began training two and a half years ago, said: “It’s like the rug has been pulled from under us again and it has been a nightmare.”
Most of the group has invested upwards of £5,000 in training to be energy assessors, while those training to be home inspectors have committed in the region of £10,000.
Many viewed the scheme as an opportunity for a career change and it has attracted a wide cross-section of applicants.
Kevin Harvey gave up a £40,000-a-year job in London to set up a conveyancing business with his brother-in-law in Poole.
He says has been losing £5,000 through the delay and has already churned more than £2,000 into Hips-related training.
An added fear for trained inspectors is the amount of housing stock being put up for Hips assessment by the government.
Only 18 per cent of houses, those with four bedrooms or more, look set to be introduced initially, which is likely to leave inspectors and assessors fighting for jobs.
A government spokesperson said on Saturday the proposals set out meant energy assessors would soon be able to start work shortly.
Anyone else in the conurbation affected in the Hips debacle can email
7:00pm Wednesday 13th June 2007

This is not what I have heard it sounds like it is in a hold at this time .
I was fortunate enough to get a chance to talk to a CMHC person today for many minutes and he was asking me questions about the National Certification.
He was under the impresion Bill Mullen would be making a big announcement this spring and wonder had I heard any thing .
I told him NACHI had just had the biggest Home Inspectors Conference in Toronto and that we Had offered a free both to CAHPI and to OAHI, and that neither one had taken us up on this .
I also told him Bill was Offered the Chance to speak at the NACHI Conference and that he had spoken and did a good job explaining the National Conference .
I also told him that OAHI/CAHPI members could take the NC for $550:00 and that the other 2/3 of the Home Inspectors in Ontario had to pay $1,100:00 and that I thought this was strictly black mail and that it was never going to fly.
He almost flipped when he heard this and said CMHC has put a lot of money into this and he was extremely disappointed to hear this .
I also told him Bill Mullen was voted CAHPI member of the Year and that I was voted NACHI member of the year he was pleased to hear this about both of us.
He also told me that he had heard there was some serious internal strife with the National Certification and that it looked not good at this time .

Good for you Roy! This is what is needed; more direct contact with the people at C.M.H.C. so that they come to realize that there are a lot of inspectors who have been excluded from the process to the detriment of all. Through conversations like yours, one on one, they will soon see that the Home Inspection industry is not a homogeneous collection of inspectors and that they are being provided with a slanted version of the situation in Canada.

Would it be beneficial for us as individual inspectors to email
(write) to CMHC with our concerns? Seems to me that this is a cash cow with no regualtory control involved to monitor HI’s that don’t belong and have issues.
It shows signs of discriminatory isms that pit one association as being better then others. This to me is not one association or another as much as it is HI’s all being put on a level playing field in a standardized industry.
To me not being a CAPHI member does not make me less of an inspector. Why then do I pay more? If this is truely CMHC controlled then why would price structure not be through them and fair to all inspectors?
I really think that CMHC has been mislead into believing that everything is okay and fair but no-one has really expressed themselves directly to make them see different.
Just my 2 cents worth.


The BIGGER question in Ontario is how the National will be managed by a team that belongs to a self regulating body OAHI that is discriminatory, in breach of its charter PR158, in breach of its by-laws, denial of rights and services, due process, fraudulent membership list, denial of due process, questionable accounting practices, destruction of records, fixing votes, threats…

Until such time as OAHI has a full forensic audit I would strongly warn anyone to stay away from the National Certification via CAHPI.

Respectfully, the Ontario picture is in the process of change. Albeit, slow; but at least from my vantage point - changes are happening.

As far as the NCP (National Certification Process) is commented on, applications are flowing in, and being reviewed, and even more examiners are being trained to accommodate these new applications. So things are moving on, regardless of the comments or beliefs of others.

It may be easy to criticize, but YES, some people within the organizations are actually realizing those types of changes, and certainly are not short sited in their view.

What is even more interesting is that perhaps as I discussed with John Bowman at the Toronto Conference - we can all sit down (some day) and lay “our” papers on a table, and forge ahead with resolving some of these concerns. But until the same respect and due process (aka completing an equivalency review) is brought forward. NACHI at least to date positioned themself into this unfortunate position, of not providing such documentation. This for a large part has put NACHI (applicant) members in this position. Than again, it should also be noted that some NACHI members were also accepted and had the same opportunity to advance through the “pilot project”.

Again, I am simply offering another perspective on this subject.

Cheers, Claude


. If CAHPI was giving out true full information I expect many would be more educated on what is or is not going on.

I do believe the CAHPI BYLAWS state to further the advancement of all home inspectors by co-operating with other Home Inspector associations ( Going from Memory ) ( This I expect is close to what they say )

Hi Claude

Change is good, but as long as the corruptness continues in OAHI the National Certification is meaningless in Ontario because there are no assurances things are on the up and up considering the extent of the incompetence and corruption. You cannot have certification without assurances that the program administrators are doing things to the letter of the law which they aren’t. It makes a farce of certification, because some of the examiners have been party to the corruption. That is a fact.
Not angry at you Claude, and appreciate the position you are in, but the facts must be known. Fortunately through this medium I have been able to bring out these facts and perhaps have led the way for change. Silence has been the driving force in the status quo in CAHPI-OAHI.

I understand that OAHI cannot even get people to sit on the finance committee and are having problems getting a treasurer.


Just thinking about how Bill and Claude say what CAHPI have put into the NATIONAL certification.
They think their labour should count as funds.

Using there formula ( sorry from memory ) I just discovered that Char and I donated about $10,000:00 to the Toronto NACHI Conference.

WOW! cahpi sure has a great way of looking at things .

To me I donated nothing it was a Labour of love and I am sure many others who put in many hours think the same as I do .
The CAHPI book keeping stinks just as much as OAHI book keeping.
The more I look the Happier I am that NACHI is in Canada and doing so much for the industry.
OAHI/CAHPI are a lot of talk and what we can do and not what the do, do.
The are just full of dodo the way I see it,

You raise a good point Roy, now multiply that worth 7 years. You are certainly worth it!

However, I am not sure what you charged as your-in-kind hourly contribution. What did that work out to hourly? Was is to the HRSDC guidelines? If not - remember, you need follow the guidelines…

Just kidding ya - certainly your time and contributions to NACHI and the conference were valuable and appreciated by me and many others.

Cheers, Claude

Exactly I have more then 7 years of it I never missed a OAHI meeting many times two in a month Toronto and Kingston.
I also served on various Committees both with OAHI and PACHI and as I said a lobour of love should I expect others to pay for what I and many other great home inspectors have invested in the past NO WAY.
It is from effort put in by the like of,Claude, John Lueck,Ron Nokes, my Son,and many many more that have made me the success that I have .
I enjoy doing what I do and trying to help all when I can But to even suggest others should pay for the Hours I and others have put in is Ludicrous.
With the attitude I see in the Canadian Associations I do expect they will continue to do what they have always done and remain stagnet like they have for many years .
It is Obvious NACHI has certainly done much for the Canadian Home Inspection industry and I hope it can continue .
With help of many Like you , me and many others we can contour to pass on our experiences at sensible rates for all .

Change your signature… It looked a lot better as “Happy NACHI” than “sad NACHI”

Thanks very much for your concern.
Only when Wendy gets of my Back and stops ridiculing The Canadian Home inspectors who have and do much for NACHI.
Wendy is trying to be an expert .
She does not do inspections .
She has feeds information to those NONE members who try to destroy NACHI .
She has continued to Ridicule my wife our Awards committee and some of our members.
She could be an asset to NACHI but is far from as smart as she feels she is she comments on many things she knows zip about and tries to be a police lady.
She is a welfare bum who will not get of her fat a$$ and do some thing positive.
Sorry but I am Pi$$ed off with her continuing crying lying and doing very little positive.
I am a strong supporter of NACHI and could care less if she agrees with my statements but to have her continue to try and undermine things disappoints me .
She removes many of her posts then says I never said that.