National Certification Future ?????????

I wonder what future will be for the National Certification.
The government has just pulled the finiancing for Enegery Guide Evaluations.
Roy Sr

[size=2]Ottawa halts initial energy-efficiency evaluations
Last Updated May 12 2006 06:47 PM CDT*
*CBC News](
Ottawa has cancelled all “pre-retrofit” evaluations effective Saturday, the company that evaluates Saskatchwan homes for federal energy-saving grants has been told.

Under the program, people who retrofitted their homes with energy-efficient furnaces and extra insulation could get rebates from the federal and provincial governments.

The two-step process required people to get their homes evaluated before renovations, and then get a follow-up evaluation to determine the size of the grant they would receive.

However, in the federal budget earlier this month, spending on the EnerGuide program was slashed by $227 million over five years.

The cancellation means about 1,000 people who had booked evaluations into July will be “out of luck,” said Jenelle Kurtenbach, spokeswoman for Sun Ridge Group’s EnerGuide program. It also means there’ll be no more new bookings for initial evaluations.

According to Kurtenbach, some 11,500 Saskatchewan households that have completed the first evaluation remain eligible for the grant. However, they’ll have to get the retrofits and the second evaluation done by the end of the fiscal year in March 2007.

It will be first come, first served to get those second evaluations done, and it will continue only as long as the money holds out, she said.

A home retrofitted under the program cuts its energy use by an average of 30 per cent.

A typical homeowner who boosted their EnerGuide rating to 73 from 60 would get a federal grant of $827, plus a matching provincial grant, the company said.

[FONT=Verdana]The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day![/FONT]

It will probably go the way of the dodo bird.

It may mean that more home inspectors that were participating in EnerGuide’s will be looking for more of the marketplace back doing home inspections. So all inspectors may feel the impact.

From a consumer POV its unfortunate because it was also about energy conservation - and that impacts everyone directly or indirectly. The past government seemed to put a lot more importance on the Kyoto Accord. There were lofty plans to expand the EnerGuide program, so this announcement seems to kill some of the proposed new initiatitives.

The other remains to be seen - its simply speculation at this point.

It is to bad just maybe the National Certification could have been a great thing if it had just been presented properly and information freely given and questions answered properly.
It also should have been more fairly dealt with and all inspectors treated properly.
Too much double talk and smoke and mirrors.
Roy Sr.

Its happening as we speak, a certification council and administrative body exist, some examiners are already in place across Canada and already performing the function of reviewing applicants. Some applicants are successful and a few others do not succeed. It seems that its proving that gaps exists with knowledge, education and even certification of inspectors. Perhaps we can all learn a lot by the testing against the requisite skills and real experience of an inspector.

It’s not smoke and mirrors - its reality. As stated before no one forces one to join. Its all about choices. The real winner in this model will be better inspectors with national recognition.

Hi Claude

Your comment, “Its all about choices” struck a chord. Yes its about choices, freedom of choice, and freedom of association. Do you not find it odd that the application form for Background Review seemingly is stating and indicating otherwise? If it is voluntary then its voluntary nature seems to diminish its overall so called strengths. Just an observation. The whole process seems flawed that people are being asked to sign onto something they know nothing about. No by-laws of the corporation, rules, regulations, policies, by-laws, SOP/COE they are being told they must subscribe to, et ceteras. I guess Guinea Pigs would be an overstatement.

There is still the matter of home inspectors overseeing themselves. I would freely admit that licencing of home inspectors based on a standard set of SOP/COE would be the best outcome. This would neutralize special interests, favours, bending of the rules, accounting, et ceteras. If that is what it takes to clean up the largese, the poor management practices, and all the other oddities and abuses over the years; I am for it. Freedom at last, Freedom at last!

My opinions only.

And in the mean time there is word that the private sector, without the aid of Government funding, is getting ready to announce a real, meaningful, and completely open to all inspectors, national certification programme.

Where there is smoke there is fire!

Oh I forgot to mention the discipline aspect. National Certification and your obiedence to them seemingly will result in Cert. Member being subjected to a questionable conduct scenario because that member would come under CAHPI Canada, or in the case of Ontario the OAHI. Even though he signed on as a Nachi member. Hmmmm.

Comments welcome.

Better Caphi inspectors with a national recognition maybe. They appear to be the only ones interested in the program. The majority of North Americas inspectors choose NACHI and the CMI program.

Truly a wannabe National Certification Body would want to have open elections and members having a say in the destiny of their association. I don’t see any membership rights being granted in exchange for your pledge of alligance to CAHPI or any other entity associated with it and National Certification.

Just an observation.

and spoil their little party? Not a chance.

The current government would also not have fallen for this special interest group driven agenda either.

Perhaps you have misread the play book of whats in the works. In fairness whether you agree or disagree with the process is ones prerogative. I am not here to defend it, but merely indicate that the council and representation in place is just that “interim”. Elections of National Certificate Holders will be the essence of the future makeup of the council. Yearly election and some positions for sake of continuity on an every other year term.

Certainly membership in another association is also not a detriment, seeing that NACHI claims to be better than everyone else! So If you meet the minimum required SOP of CAHPI - I fail to see the concern? In my opinion they are all pretty darn much one in the same. Besides ASHI is releasing there new revised SOP within a few months, too.

Sounds like the same chest thumbing coming from CAHPI given the comments being made about CREA teaming up and only recommending CAHPI/Nationally Certified inspectors.

The fact remains no one has an understanding of the process, the requirement of membership input, and obligations to which they will succumb.

Again everyone is being told it is open when in fact it is not. The Application for Background is a directive, not a membership driven application.

No chest thumping required - even NACHI has mastered it. Many people are supporting it. Regardless of other peoples words - its interesting to see the support from top CREA and various provincial executives regarding the National Certification process. Which brings us back to how to best define how to benchmark a practicing home inspector and the issue of professionalism in what some want to believe is the home inspection profession.

Despite Nicks comments some how a number NACHI members have decided to support their opportunity to be part of the national initiative project. Its good to acknowledge their right to make that choice to continue with the review.

But even back to the original topic - I am not sure what any of this discussion has to do with the curtailing of the energy-efficiency - EnerGuide Program.

Sorry Claude I read your post twice and I still can not see where you have given any information .
You continue to post zero information it looks to me like you are trying to convince your self what a great job you are doing .
It to me just looks like the sameO! sameO! with no information .
You continue to praise your self and tell us all how great you are and how much you are doing but it is smoke and mirrors
( Are you Liberal ) ( You sure act like the liberals ) ( Say lots but give little ) .
Questions you have never answered .
How many are taking this course ?
What % are CAHPI members ?
What % belong to another association?
What % do not belong to any Association.
Do you feel that a fair % of the Home Inspectors in Canada where told about this National Certification .
This is just a small amount of the questions that have never been answered that I have seen.
Roy Sr.

The firm I work for under cotract has 1300 B evaluations to do be for Mar31 07.We are already getting calls from contractors that would like to pay for evaluation be for they start their wook.This could possible open up a hole new market for these test with out the control of the goverment.

Roy Sr., I was not praising myself - I was commenting on the comments. Exactly where did I praise myself?

As far as stats - that’s not my department. Ask the person in charge of the project. Than again seems some do not like what Bill has to say anyway! Seems even when even Graham C gave info - it was not appreciated either.

As far as info dissemination - seems a lot got squashed by NACHI internally. Nick has made their position very clear, so much it seems to have become a liability against NACHI, along with the info supplied by the open forums and comments posted.

As far as those 100 applicants*,* its my understanding that a high percentage of NACHI applicants were accepted. So I fail to see your point about numbers.

As far a having to provide info and its use or uselessness - thats a matter of difference. Perhaps offering no info serves you better. Seems no one else willingly obliges.

So respectfully I am not here to argue or debate. So accordingly if I provide “no information” you can expect just that the sum of “0”. And even if I provide some information - which you state was still “no information” seems I am wasting my time here. So why bother pretending to care or ask - if you fail to listen or even feel the inkling to read an opposing POV?

Rob on the issue of future work with EnerGuide who will pay for the Fed’s portion of the fees? My understanding is it will come from consumers, along with no incentives to look or spend on the grants for improving energy efficiency.

Certainly its possible for some to see the benefit, but I just listened to a newscast where its going to hurt a lot of those employed in the industry. Certainly not good news from the Fed’s.

Thanks Claude I guess you are liberal.
I guess it is time to run and remove your posts again.
Same “0” “0” Roy sr