Invitation to all Canadian Home Inspectors

The following invitation is now posted as an opportunity for home inspectors in Canada.

Hi Claude
Thanks for the info.

One question.

If anyone is welcome regardless of affiliation, how will CAHPI deal with disciplinary matters for non members. You can’t discipline those who have no association affiliation. Would that in itself be somewhat a concern as far as the public assurance as far as complaints?

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

I do not have an answer to that - perhaps through a signed affidavit that binds the inspector to certain terms such as SOP and COE. Just my best guess!

It is obviously an inherent weakness. Legally I don’t think you can ask non aligned inspectors to promise anything, as there is no by-law stating the requirements for non aligned.

If there is no requirement or system to discipline or deal with complaints of the non aligned it would appear certification would be irrelevent to the non aligned.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

NACHI is so open and allows other Associations to post on our board .
It would be nice to see this privledge work both ways.
To date all I have seen is one way .
Not really the fairest system I do not think.
We are not even allowed to peruse there BBs.

Roy Cooke sr… R.H.I… CAHPI-ON.


Claude I am money on its way
Roy Cooke sr R.H.I.


Some additional questions if you don’t mind…

What is the appeal process if one fails the certification for a CAHPI member, another association member, and someone who is non-aligned?

Since there is no grandfathering, will P. Eng and other similar professionals be required to follow the same certification process as all others?

Presumably, a fee is paid to get nationally certified? Are CEU’s or something similar to this required each year to maintain your national certification or must you re-certify each year? What are the renewal criteria, if any? Are they different for say CAHPI members, another association member or someone who is non-aligned?

Who will police those who receive national certification? What action can be instituted against those nationally (aligned and non-aligned) certified inspectors? What is the disciplinary action for those nationally (aligned and non-aligned) certified inspectors?

Who will be responsible for marketing the national certified inspectors? What is the estimated cost per annum? Who will pay for this? What will the cost be to those who are certified? Who will ensure the marketing of the nationally certified inspectors will be done fairly to ensure that no favouritism is shown to inspectors with CAHPI, another association or someone who is non-aligned?

Is one of the goals of National Certification by CAHPI, to encourage members that are not aligned or members of other organizations to in fact join a CAHPI affiliate? If so, how will CAHPI ensure that the fees it collects for National Certification process are NOT spent on marketing to those members who are not aligned or members of other organizations to come and join a CAHPI affiliate?

Can a peer review be done of an inspector’s inspection report files in lieu of a test inspection? Where are test inspections carried out?

Having pondered this offer and being opened minded I will apply for certification. For $100, its a steal. For $100 it will be an inexpensive education.

I have sent my application in today. I think as many Nachi members as possible should do so to.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Count me in as well… mailing it today!

I have noted my comments as personal views in your message.

Have read your other letter ( Thanks for the explanations ) in you state that there will be an DDPC . Having seen how a good DPPC is run I would like this new Group to Consider Raymond Wand ( If he would take the position) to be the chair.
I was on his committee and saw how fair and honest in all respects he and his committee was.
If it is decided to ask him and he accepts I would also like to offer my services to again serve under Raymond wand.
Yours Truly
Roy Cooke sr.

Count me in. Mailing it out today.

Signed, sealed, and delivered!!!

Geeeeez, for a minute there I thought NACHI was irrelevant! :slight_smile: :wink:
At the rate were goin they’ll have 5,000 members signed up in no time! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON


Have you read the fine print in that application you have send today?

Only the first 100 applicants of the pilot group are subject to the $100 fee…the fee for the next group will reflect the actual cost$$$

So why do you think as many NACHI members should do so without knowing the actual cost? :blank:

Sorry I don’t get the drift of your question.

Yes I have read the document. I did not see any fine print.

Yes the first 100 will be charged $100. The next group will reflect the actual cost of perhaps $1,000. I did not say many Nachi members should do so without knowing the cost. I thought I had suggested that as many as possible should apply for the 100 openings. If on the other hand it will cost more after the first 100, I don’t see how that is my fault. I will be a Guinea Pig for $100.

I have not seen many people expressing their opinions on the National or much concern, you amongst them.

Who is Belinda?

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Which patronage assignment were you offered Roy?

Everyone, vote Liberals comes January 23…

Marcel you I see have not said any thing on this list about the National Certification .
( Could this be because you do not wish Bill to remove you from his CANUK list)
I to sent my money in this to me is obvious that to stay on top, I must do what is necessary to protect my self.
I am sure you have know all along what is happening as we have posted our opinion and thoughts regularly.
What is your thoughts and opinion. I eagerly look forward to your reply.

Roy Cooke sr … R.H.I… CAHPI-ON


I voting for Gilles Duceppe. :wink:

Raymond Wand
Alton, On

Belinda Stronach…as if you don’t know!

She switched to the Liberals at the last minutes…

Yes and I have taken her out.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON