National Flood Insurance Program

While I realize that flood elevation and Insurance rates are way out of our S.O.P. but like myself I know many here are inspecting in coastal and flood plane areas and some big changes are coming down the pike starting this fall. Basically subsidized flood insurance is going away.
In a nut shell business properties and non primary homes in flood zones will see a 25% increase in flood premiums per year until full risk is realized. Primary residences will be exempt until the time they are sold or a lapse in coverage occurs and they will then lose subsidies. If a property was built pre F.I.R.M (1968) ol my god.
This is a big deal, gave a buyer a heads up last week on a coastal (V) zone property. Current flood premium $5000 per year. New policy after sell $20,000 per year.
See attached documents as too how Florida will be affected.
Oh well it is not attached apparently a 4 page pdf exceeds the file size permitted by this site.
If interested send me a private e-mail and I will respond with the document

When did that become our job ?

I’ll bet the RE loves you .

I did notice that insurers are requiring elevation certificates now for all policies in flood zones.

Mark, please send me the info from FEMA (email below). My own house is affected by this, thanks.

While I realize that flood elevation and Insurance rates are way out of our S.O.P.

Hi Mark,
A realtor asked me if I would be doing a mitigation and elevation report with my inspection. I am new to the business and don’t know what it is or how to generate it. Can you help? Send me the info as well at if you would.

An HI can’t do an elevation certificate. A surveyor is needed for that one. Costs are between $175 and $300 depending on who you call. You can do the wind mitigation if you are qualified and comfortable doing one.