Elevation Certificate

I have been asked by a local agent if I know anyone that does this for Polk county. If anyone would like me to pass on their contact info I would be happy to do so. Just shoot me a PM.


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The local county may very well have the information on file for the nearest elevation marker. It could be close or it could be a miles away. The problem we have had here is that many times the roads or parking lots are repaved and the markers are buried or torn up completely. In order to determine our elevation, our surveyor had to come from almost 2 miles away as at least 3 closer markers had been removed for various reasons.

The elevation could be in one of two formats. NGVD 29 or NAVD 88. Do you have any idea why the agent wants the information? Flood zones are a common reason.

Most surveyors can perform this function but depending on distance, cost can vary greatly.

In Virginia, only a Licensed Surveyor or a Licensed PE can issue an elevation certificate.
I’m sure most states are the same.
This is normally done to see if flood insurance is required.

Justin I don’t know anyone in Polk but any PE should be able to get it done you

Thanks Guys. Ive been asked from agents in the past. i assume it has something to do with flood insurance. I have also been told the a PE is the only person the insurance companies accept.

Thanks Guys for all the feedback.

If there are flood zones involved, FEMA is who determines if there are flood zones or not. The county can set the flood elevation by satellite imagery for a given property. That is what we were able to do with ours. Still had to have a flood survey done for developing the new parcel but they had a height to go for.

FEMA was a pain as they changed a portion of our property to a flood zone. Their satellite imagery showed standing water… yeah, from the large ponds I put in 20 years ago. Flat property, no rivers, no lakes, no streams no source of water except rain. The ponds go dry in the summer but they still classified it as a flood zone. I could have fought the designation but there was no notice given and when I found out, it was a month too late to appeal. Didn’t affect the home so no big deal.

I know this is 10 years old but I need a EC quick. Elevation Certificate.

Not any PE, but PE’s with a hydrology background are the proper ones to call.

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Why would you be directly involved with an elevation certificate? From what I understand, an elevation certificate is a document listing building locations, lowest point of elevation, flood zoning and other land characteristics, this being according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Seeing a elevation certificate is used to enforce local building ordinances and to help determine flood insurance rates why would you as a home inspector be involved with elevation certificates? It would put more burden on you liability as well it is not SOP.
Looking forward to your answer.