mitigation bulletin

Fellow inspectors, be advised; Gable Vents are no longer conscidered openings for number 8. on 1802, as per Citizens. This is new as they were openings last month. All insurance carriers are now reinspecting all homes given discounts. Make sure to use your zircon and verify proper nailing on single wraps,( three nails on one side, and at least one on the other side)- A strap with 2 nails on each side will be given clip. Including a permit# for number 1 is always a safe bet. Also, my office was fowarded info from security first naming three large wce firms as “preferred” vendors offering insurance inspections ranging from 75-99. I expect to see letters like these from most carriers in the near future.

Thanks for the info. Could you please pass on any contact info from Citizens regarding this so we can all be kept in the loop. Or Please pass on a link to where we can see all relevant information.

Thats the catch-you cant talk to the underwriters and there is no public info. All i can tell you is that they can pretty much always find a flaw in your or my inspection.

It looks like we can agree on something. :wink: Thanks for the info it is truly appreciated.

no worries, meeker-i sent you a message

The strapping is going to be a big issue. Most guys I know are checking straps when there are clips. There may be a third nail, but it is not visible.

There are going to be a lot of angry homeowners out there when their rates go up due to wrong information on these reports. You can expect to see a lot of refunds and possibly lawsuits (I never would have bought the house if I had known I didn’t qualify for the discounts type of stuff).

Has anyone considered that the insurance industry colluding to steer business to any entity or group may be an unfair trade practice? Or perhaps racketerring? Hmm.

Just curious what do you guys put when it is a older cbs house and they only have staps on some trusses. I have been giving toe nail even though they are not toenailed because there is no answer that says straps on 3/4 or every other. I know they cannot get the single strap rating because it clearly says on all trusses.

Unknown or toe nail. I usually find one toe nail on rafters without clips

Most give the same discount either way. There is only a choice of clips or wraps(straps is not a choice). If it don’t wrap it is a clip, provided the nails are correct.

You are correct the hurricane straps are called wraps on the form.

This is part Of the letter I sent to Citizens. See Below:
[FONT=Calibri]Hello. I have heard that now Citizens are no longer considering gable vents as openings on the wind mitigation form can you please confirm or deny this for me. Also is there any way I can be kept informed in any changes citizens makes regarding inspections. I have also heard that citizens is hiring companies to redo many inspections. [/FONT]
Below Is the response I recieved today:
this Is the response I got from citizens when I contacted them
Good Morning Mr. Meeker. There have been no changes to our licensing requirements for those inspecting our insureds properties or what we consider acceptable mitigation of openings. We are undergoing a pilot program to validate mitigation credits and hope to open the program up to interested inspection firms and inspectors soon.

Well now I am confused. If anybody has any other information please post it.Thanks.

These two articles should answer some questions you have Micheal.