National Home Inspector Exam

I just took the NAHIE(for several reasons). To quote the proctor, “you killed the exam, in under two hours your received the highest score I have ever seen.” The only study materials I used were NACHI, thanks Ben and Nachi.

I would not advocate going in blind like I did, you should check out the list of study materials from NAHIE.

Some have asked my reasons, so here they are.

I asked some members of a state org if I(or anyone else) still had to take their test to join their org(FABI). They claimed that InterNachi’s test was easier and I could not pass the NAHIE test. To shut them up I wanted to take the test.

I teach the InterNachi Fl home inspector licensing class. I thought that it be best from them if I had experience with the test.

I also write questions that are used on the actual test. Having experienced the test would be beneficial for that task.

I would only recommend taking the test if you need to for some good reason.

hope that helps


If you are interested in knowing more about the NHIE, I encourage you to send EBPHI a letter detailing your experience and volunteering to participate in one of the exam writing sessions.

If they’re satisfied with your experience, they’ll put you on a list of prospective subject matter experts and you may be invited to participate in a future exam writing session.

They normally notify you well in advance and there are one or two meetings held online in advance of sessions with the psychometrician (SP?) so he or she can explain the process and conduct a tutorial. SME’s are then given topic areas to write questions for the exam and then they submit those questions to EBPHI by the question writing deadline before the actual session. Those SME’s who are then invited to attend the writing session then travel to wherever the session is being held and they spend several intensive days locked up reviewing, editing or eliminating old questions from the inspection pool as well as the new questions that have been submitted. EBPHI pays the transportation, lodging and meal expenses of inspectors who attend that session. They do not pay you for your time, so you need to understand that attending means you’ll be missing out on inspection revenue you could be making at home.

The psychometrician runs the session and ensures that the questions approved, plus the question key and the distractors, are written to the proper psychometric guidelines.

Some might think that the questions are slanted to favor a particular association. I can assure you that is not the case; if a question’s accuracy hinges on something that is association specific someone in that room will challenge the question’s relevance and it will get tossed. Even if an inspector doesn’t challenge it, the psychometrician will. They are independent contractors paid to ensure the test is fair and objective. They will not accept any questions that hinge on association specific issues; so, no chest beating tolerated.

The sessions are intense as there can be a lot of disagreement in the room about what does and does not constitute a valid or relevant question. Sometimes one inspectors experience in one part of the continent relative to a question can result in some very spirited discussion with SME’s from other parts of the continent. At the end of three days, you’ll leave feeling like you’d been strapped in a dentist’s chair undergoing a 3 day root canal procedure. Those questions that make it through will go into the question pool; those that don’t might be eliminate altogether or they might be reserved for additional discussion at a future session.

It’s a tough gig but I can guaranty you that if you participate you’ll leave with a new appreciation for that test and what those writing go through to keep it relevant, as accurate as possible and fair.


Mike O’Handley
Kenmore, Washington

That will be my reason as well, John. :wink:

John, what was your score? Under two hrs. is pretty good. The range for NIBI students taking the exam is about 2hrs to a little over.

I would tend to agree that the NACHI exam is a little easier. It’s not that the material is different, but the wording of the questions differs a bit. The NHIE often deals with best choice of available answers and wording of questions that prevents you from “skimming” over them. More people fail the test by not properly reading the questions than, not knowing the materials.

Nice going John.


Mandatory here in alabama

Thanks Humberto

It is now mandatory in Florida if you were not Grandfathered in

I found the test to be ore difficult than NACHI’s but worth bragging rights and Wisconsin requires it.