National Radon test

Have finally completed the 28 credit course for radon here. Passed the exam the first time. Shocked.
My question…

How close is this test to the national test for licensing?

National test?

It isn’t close at all. Its hard. You can see how many fail on their website. Study hard. Study all of the things you think to your self “no one would ask this on test” because they do.

It is the hardest test I have taken as a home inspector.

Just asking, what does this “test” have to do with taking radon measurements in a particular state?

In Maryland, last I checked there are no radon protocols.

It is required in VA which is where the OP and I are located.

And Ohio is even worse because they have different stipulations for testing radon even though we have to take the NRPP test…makes it even more confusing.:mad:

Thanks Juan.

I know I called it a national test. Va requires certification by NRPP or NRSB. Was referring to their tests.

I was afraid of that. lol


I figured as much

Over here in Minnesota radon measuring does not require certification.

Classes at the UofM are $450.00
Test is $100.00 I think
Getting your 2 year cert is $200.00

Add a monitor or 2 and your looking at investing a couple of thousand or more dollars.