states radon cert.

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does anyone have state cert. requirements for the testing of radon in air?
If you do can you post the statute?
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In a nutshell, in Minnesota, training/testing is administered thru MN State University/St. Paul thru MURC utilizing NEHA-NRPP appvd courses and exam.

What to Look for in a Radon Measurement Professional

    **Minnesota does not require radon measurement professionals to be licensed**,           nor is there any oversight of measurement work performed.

Neither does Wisconsin.

Florida has specific training requirements with only a few approved training classes, a state exam, etc

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I guess there are not many states with radon regs.

And, there will not be. Hardware stores and testing packet companies would lose thousands, if not millions, in sales of the test kits. However, I am personally in favor of mandatory testing of radon for any home sale transaction, and especially if the home has a finished basement here in Kansas by a professional home inspector/radon test company. I get just too many varying test results. Real estate companies/brokers do not want mandatory testing, since the test may kill real estate deals. I guess that is more important than having someone die over time due to high radon. Example:

I tested a home in Raytown, MO for a home buyer. The home was owned by the orginal owner for over 45 years, and the owner died of lung cancer, and never smoked a day in his life. Home had a radon reading of 18.4 in the basement, which was finished, and had a seperate work shop.