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Hi all, I’m wondering do the Internachi 2086 state license practice questions prepare you for the National Exam? If not does anyone know where I could catch a course, or learning material? I failed the first attempt as I mentioned earlier, and I’m re-scheduled for 11/19 … quite frankly I’m ****ting a brick worrying about it!
Thanks for any help out there.


Dude how did you fail something that does not exist. THERE IS NO NATIONAL HOME INSPECTOR LICENSE.

If you State is licensed just take the NACHI test bunches till you score consistently in the 90’s.

If you do that I bet you will pass any Asinine State License test that is in your area.

I did my test as fast as I could and it took me Max 20 minutes. It is not like a Engineer or Architect Degree test it is just a way for the State to Fu-k you out of your money and regulate you into normality. In other words it is a useless piece of paper that claims you to be = to all others with the paper in your State.

Why do you think you will make a good inspector? What are your qualifications and past work history?

How are you a CPI without having taken the test? There must not be a license requirement if you have that title or can advertise it.

wow , easy does it Michael! Firstly, Michael, I didn’t say National License exam, I said National Home Inspector Exam. In order for me to get a license in N.H. I have to pass the National Home Inspector Exam. Secondly I passed all of Internachi’s classes and exams including the final and was told I am now certified, hence the title. Thirdly, I am NOT advertising yet as I wont complete my LLC business name until I DO Pass the National Exam, and then once I have passed that, and have established the LLC, AND have obtained Liability and E & O coverage, then the state of NH will allow me to put in an application for a license in N.H… Geesh, guess I now know where NOT to ask for help.

Also Mike, I am a 35 year Insurance Fire underwriter and a 20 year Veteran Firefighter. I inspect buildings as they pertain to life/fire safety every day. The STate of NH does NOT even have a test, they just require the National Exam passing in order to get licensed. And for the record, I’m not sure I am qualified… YET, and I would bet a good amount of money that You would NOT pass the National Exam in 20 minutes, obviously you don’t even know anything about that Exam or you wouldn’t be so quick to chastise.

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I do not remember the time it took me to pass the NACHI exam but I did it when I found out about InterNACHI. My friend Dennis was bashing my insurance inspection prices. I honestly did it as quickly as I could and passed the first time. not sure how long that took but I passed. then decided to join.

I was not busting your balls for fun, I just though you were confused. I still do not know what exam you have rescheduled. Just take the inachi test till you have it down pat and I bet you will pass. Thanks for serving us as a firefighter for so many years.

I appreciate your response Michael. Trust me when I tell you there is a National Home Inspectors Exam, and it is tough. 200 questions and they give you 4 and 1/2 hours to complete it. I passed every test Internashi has most over 90%. the national exam has 21 sections of which I passed 15 of the 15 I scored 100% on 3 of them, over 80% on 10 and barely passed with low 70’s on the remaining 2. out of the 6 I failed… there were questions there that I still can’t find the answer to … anywhere… mostly concerning Fire places/chimneys and electrical.
It just flored me as to how I failed to be honest, not to mention $225 bucks every time I take it. Hopefully I’ll be able to put it behind me on the 19th! I passed the National Registry EMT basic test, then the same for EMT-Intermediate the first time which is why I’m sketchy on this National Test to say the least. But lets face it I obviously wasn’t prepared! Anyway,
thanks again for the “attaboy” on being a firefighter and responding.

No sweat, keep at it :slight_smile: You will get it.


Did you see my reply on the other thread you were discussing this on?

When referring to another post, especially from a different thread, it is helpful to connect it with a link.

Thanks, Justin…:slight_smile:

So true, thank you for the suggestion! I have added the link

Michael …

You probably got confused by initials. The gentleman said National Exam not National License. The NACHI Exam is not the NHIE.

I thought that the Nachi exam was sufficient but I guess not :frowning: Thanks for straightening me out .

Such a shame that New Hampshire requires passing of the National Exam in order to get licensed. HOWEVER, once I do pass it (this Saturday) I’ll probably be better off knowing it! Thanks a lot for the support. If you pray, please PRAY! LOL