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Hello everyone. First time post, so please forgive me if I’m in the wrong area of the forum. I tried to locate a similar post, but didn’t see anything.

I’m having an issue passing the national exam, and would like to know if anyone has a suggestion on a better study source for the exam? I am taking the practice exams on this site with very high scores in all categories, but when I take the real exam, I am falling short of a passing score. It’s frustrating to say the least, and I’d rather not keep spending $250 without feeling confident, so any feedback and advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Curious, where did you take your pre-licensing courses?

Most are designed to help ensure you pass the NHIE.

My question as well.

Here you go!

Once you get the program just keep retesting until your maintaining mid to high 90’s and you should do fine.

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If one has to do that, After taking the required pre-licensing courses, in order to pass the test, I think they should choose another career.

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Have you went thru these 2087 questions yet?

I have to do the same thing for VT. Am po’ed beyond belief. Have to either be ASHI or NAHI certified or pass the National exam. Garbage piece of legislation. NACHI not an option because of no proctoring. I have 2 years to do it. It got back-doored into the legislation. So, I need to get after it and re-invent the wheel. The kicker is, once you do it…no CE credits mandated. Just plain stupid. Not happy with my state and a few of the inspectors who drove this down our throats. Nick, this is one of the reason I don’t pursue the Certified Master Inspector designation. It is meaningless to these people. As is any certifications I have achieved in the past after 2017. They will close our business and that of anyone who hasn’t achieved this basically. Only one of those three variables matters to VT. Again, am beyond angry about it.

The C.M.I. designation means something even to the slowest of clients and if you can figure out how many there are in your State you can give an approximate quote like “there are only 125 other C.M.I.'s in our whole State”. That sets you apart from every other “Licensed” Tom, Dick and Harry in your area so you can start off with a higher proposal and negotiate from there if you need to.


Include a handout to any realtor you meet along with the Buy Back one also and you will see both programs impress the CLIENTS which is most important and even some Realtors. You can also tell them how to get their continuing education for free. Anything to get a foot in the door.

I guess I’m really glad I don’t really care what you think… My training was through InterNachi… It’s to be used as a tool like flash cards… Not to bypass any needed knowledge to educate yourself. You must be one of those inspectors that think your better than… Don’t judge others… You must of been the bully in school that had to make others feel belittled in order for you to feel smart… I find my satisfaction in helping others and giving guidance for someone else to prosper in life…

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Cary, I believe Currins response was mean spirited, too much of that here sometimes, best to ignore it.

Anyway, about the NHIE, I’ve been hearing from a number of sources lately about difficulty in passing it.
From my experience over 6 years ago I remember that the wording of the questions seemed intentionally confusing.
I have no idea if that has gotten worse over time.

If you have the knowledge to pass the exam but aren’t passing then it’s the test itself. The wording perhaps or test anxiety even.

I agree

For whatever it’s worth you have your self description of me completely wrong.

But I do stand behind what I said. Maybe it’s the InterNACHI courses to blame. You’re not the first one that’s posted here about having trouble passing the NHIE after taking their “approved” courses.

Chris, Don’t take this the wrong way but… Keep in mind that the NHIE is a basic skills test that you shouldn’t just pass but crush with a relatively high score. Real life as an inspector is a lot harder than that test and you’ll find something every day that wasn’t covered in training or that exam. Compucram Is a good reference to help you study but your next test will likely be nothing like the first. Good luck.

What happened to the 1st guy that asked for help. He’s not been back on here??

I took the NHIE today for the first time and passed easily. I have no formal construction or trade training/experience. The only prep I did for the exam was take the “Courses Required for CPI Membership”, all 90 credit hours, and I did a bunch of practice questions yesterday at

I finished the first InterNACHI course on October 17 and I took the test today, less than two months later. Maybe I got lucky with my question selection but I feel like the online courses I took and the practice questions were enough to prepare me to finish all 200 questions in about an hour and a half.

I think the trick is feeling confident and taking the Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X approach :smiley: You can do it!

Good job Jared.

That’s what I recommend too.

I live in Alabama and I’m trying to register for my exam. As I try to register online, I have to put down the School/Provider. I studied the national exam manual and study guide as well as the CompuCram course. Do I have to take an accredited course now for Alabama?

It looks like you have a long way to go.

Home Inspector Licensing. For details from the state website, visit … Complete a minimum of 120 hours of approved home inspector education and participate in 35 home inspections, OR complete a minimum of 35 hours of approved home inspector education and participate in 100 home inspections