Nationally Certified Inspectors

I was sent an ad the other day regarding reference to the term “nationally certified inspectors”.

I am looking forward to comments on this particularly because it is a Canadian ad and implies different things to different people.

My take - misleading to the public in light of BC licensing - unless the inspector(s) hold license to practice in BC; and secondly would appear to imply that they are certified to practice anywhere in Canada.

Perhaps the other point being directed to me because of the implied similarity to National Certificate Holder certification that is recognized in Canada, and is accepted for license in BC.

I look foward to comments from others on their POV.

Regards, Claude

This may be a little oblique Claude but, speaking for myself and probably a lot of others, I am getting tired of every home inspection organization in the country fighting with every other organization. If they are all so threatened by the other H.I. orgs claims, maybe that indicates that there is something wrong with them. If their weakness is that another H.I. org claims that their members are ‘nationally certified’ ( for example), or require the completion of an on line course, or make their people jump through various hoops like the TIPR and assessments by peers, then all that is being demonstrated is a weakness of structure, intent, design and confidence in their own organization.

Home inspection organizations in Canada will never grow and prosper if all they can do is spend their time attacking each other over what others feel are their weaknesses. If all Canadian home inspection organizations spend their time trying to discredit the others then they will all fail. Canadian inspectors deserve more.

United we stand. Divided . . . . .


Good point George, but that was not my intention to go there. It is like your competition claiming to be “certified”, registered or whatever.

I was trying to see what inspectors feel about deceptive claims in advertising, especially in a published document. Period.

“Never mind!” - Gilda Radner / Saturday Night Live.

I wasn’t pointing the finger at you Claude. We all, myself included, have been guilty of the crime of “Association Bashing” here in Canada. And it has to stop before we can build a real industry here.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programme . . . .