Natural gas at home, water heater set up for propane

Here’s the result…

“The water heater had equipment installed for burning propane, but the home was supplied with natural gas, not propane.
This condition has resulted in excessive soot accumulation around the draft diverter and near the burn chamber which indicates a combustion problem. Some water heaters are manufactured in a manner which will allow parts to be changed to correct the problem. Other water heaters require tank replacement. Given the water heater model number, a qualified HVAC or plumbing contractor should be able to determine which option is available.
Although as part of my service I don’t make contractor recommendations, Day & Night provides service in your area. (303) 936-2696
The model number was PR6 50 PBRT980 D.”

The water heater was not backdrafting at the time of the inspection although the basement was pressurized due to failure to install cold air returns. Flame color was good.


A few years ago I had a nearly new propane water heater.

Natural gas came down my road and it was cheaper to by a new Natural Gas unit than converting the Propane unit.

FYI… Just because the plate says propane doesn’t mean the orifice hasn’t been changed out.

I would recommend that the seller call the installer and have him pay (not fix it himself, because it’s pretty obvious that the installer didn’t know jack (commonly used crude term for feces :shock: )).

I believe in making the guy who messed it up, and took money to do so, having to pay to fix it.

Just my opinion, not knowing the specifics of the case.

Hope this helps;