Near miss roof fall9

Had something happen today as a first. Was conducting an inspection and placed ladder up to do roof. Got onto roof and found a multitude of issues. As I was traversing down, I was having to sit to scoot down as the pitch was steep. I got about 4 feet from my ladder and somehow my ankle twisted under me and I started to slide FAST off the edge. Luckily. I was able to grab the side of a dormer and stop myself. My ankle was throbbing and there was no way I could go down any further without falling off. I inched my way back up the roof to the ridge. Now I was stuck. No way off due to my ankle. I ended up having to call the fire department to get me off. Totally embarrassing! That will be the first and last time that happens. I just ordered a drone.


Drone time!

Glad you’re okay Timothy! Ya gotta stay out of those :high_heel: :high_heel: while on the roof.


LOL. Actually I was in roof shoes but it didn’t help.

Glad it wasn’t worse.

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Glad your OK Tim. Do you have a photo of house/roof?

Here is a pic of the home. IS2rxyircjjzug1000000000

Yup chicken ladder territory.

Yeah,umm,no…glad your ok and safe…that pitch from the picture is a no bueno…I carry high powered binoculars…literally get up close…so much better than walking the roof…my opinion…and as for the drone…its impressive pictures added to the report but flight restrictions, legal formalities, increased insurance, in my opinion not worth it…


Whoa close call for sure. That roof pitch looks super steep(6/12 or higher?) I’m with Brett on this one. Roof inspection completed with binoculars/ second story windows if possible.
Be careful out there everyone. Lets all make it home safe to our family.

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That’s a steep one! Glad your ok !

Yes I probably never should have climbed it. My mistake.

Glad to hear that you survived. I would never have gone on that roof. Way to steep for me.
Just curious: Did the Fire Dept. send you a bill?


Depending on the circumstances, 8/12 was what I did regularly. That is enough for me.


Not yet and I hope they dont

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Thanks for the pic Tim. Good thing the dormer was there to help you.

Glad your OK! Took alot of guts to call the fire department. I know many guys would have tried to “man up” through it and maybe fallen (good you had your phone).

Twisted my ankle on a last basement step once and limped through the inspection. No fun but far easier to work through. As we get older body seems less willing to co-operate or compromise!

What exactly legal formalities are you talking about?

Fell off a roof…not on the job. Probably why it happened. Have years of construction on high rise and roofs and am usually ultra careful but this time I was at my own home and needed to climb up after a light rain to put a turbine back on.

Long story short, I got reckless and assumed the limestone patio was not slick and was stepping off the top of the ladder on to the roof when the ladder called it quits and slid out from under me. Fell flat on my back. Lucky I didn’t land on the ladder and break my back, hit my head or break something else. I went to emergency room at the urging of wife. Minor concussion but for weeks afterward I was taking anti vertigo drugs and anti vomit drugs so I could walk. I consider my self lucky to have relearned to be safer and not die doing it. If in doubt I say no to a roof.

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Glad you’re ok.