Necessary to note supply legs without dampers ?

I usually am not in the habit of making a big deal of a nicely installed furnace system with no dampers installed in the supply 6" runs.

I did an inspection back in August and have a client going bonkers because I didn’t make note the system didn’t have them.
It had louvered registers and allowed ample flow control in my opinion.

I see a multitude of homes with no dampers, and we all know once the ceiling is finished you have zero access anyway.

I feel strongly that people farting with them will actually do more damage to an A coil or Heat exchanger than any good.

It has a weighted make up air damper tied to the return and again playing with the dampers will only complicate a system’s function in the hands of an average homeowner.

I have yet to even see any comments on a template addressing this issue.

what is your opinion ?

codes vary from township and counties so much it’s a PIA!

I always tried to make sure I found them if possible… Roy
Some are covered and hidden I would write not visible .

Kevin …

35 years home inspection experience and HVAC degree.

I’ve never reported on dampers in supply runs UNLESS broken off, etc.

Never known anybody around me that does either.

Dan the only one I comment on is the supply to the crawl, it should have a damper. It is possible to balance the rest in design but not likely a good idea. Do I note when they are not in the supplies to each room?. No way!

Thanks so much gentleman

I was actually second guessing myself.
Now I feel much better having read your replies…

I do love this forum …

Just so we can help you can you tell us where you are from Kevin.

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