Need advice please on stucco issues

I inspected a home today here in Scottsdale, AZ-custom home built in 2006, the stucco at the parapet walls in several areas is delaminating at the bottom, someone has done a terrible patch job. Also on the lower wall of one section of the home the stucco bottom flashing (not weep screed) is rusted, no weep screeds installed, stucco is finished differently than I have seen with weep screeds. Stucco is flush with the finished stem wall with the exception of the bottom flashing. I would like some input on this type of stucco system, the majority of the stucco is in great shape, my concern is that there may be damage behind walls due to no weep screeds. First photo is of stucco at parapet wall at roof top with terrible patch job-second is of rusted stucco flashing flush with stem wall.

After all this rain its ideal Thermal Imaging weather…:smiley:

I can’t say what is wrong looking at the limited pictures, but it surely has issues.

Dale, I agree completely. In the last week I have seen several issues in homes that made me wish I had an infrared camera…it is on my list.

Mary talk to Dale about NACHI. Members there may get you interested in thermography. I just invested in entry level like most do when starting off in thermography.
IMO that job is deficient.
The substrate looks like one issue.
Ask Chris to give it a look see.

It looks synthetic to me from picts but I cannot tell for sure.
Never a good choice for a parapet walls. Stucco is NOT waterproofing and cracks.
I never see weep screeds in South Florida.
The rust on the bottom is likely galvanized bead and in my opinion ALWAYS rusts and I would NEVER use it. Plastic is cheap but hard to get straight Zinc is the best for straightness and durability but expensive.

Expect significant water intrusion and damages.