Help with stucco issues--calling all experts!

Did an inspection last week on a new, $2.4 million, all hard coat stucco home. No weep screeds were visible anywhere. Now I’ve been informed that the installer did install weep screeds, but covered them up. The builder said the installer is out there now cutting the stucco to reveal the weep screeds.

House overview and photos of the band where the wall meets the foundation (crawl space).

120309 014.JPG 120309 022.JPG 120309 023.JPG

I’ve been asked to re-inspect this issue later this week. What potential issues with cutting out the weep screed should I look for?

Also, I didn’t see any weep screed where the stucco met the tile roof and I wrote that up also. Please take a look a this photo and let me know what you think.

120309 150.JPG 120309 151.JPGi

Finally, if they failed to install weep screeds, how would I verify they have now been installed correctly (that the MRB overlaps the screed)?

All comments are appreciated.

120309 014.JPG

120309 151.JPG

Watch this:

Then read this:

and if I was inspecting a project of that size, I’d stay up all night and take…

If you re-inspect better check that your insurance carrier allows you to do re-inspections. I am insured through FREA and they don’t cover you if you so re-inspections

What makes you think I have insurance? :smiley:

What was the out come?

You need to find out if they are asking you to check the guys work…which you shouldn’t be doing unless you are well versed with the systems and even then I would not put my license to it…or simply that the work has been done without comment on the work itself.

I would simply defer to a stucco specialist…