Ultimate boiler age

Need to know the age of this boiler
Ultimate model PFO-3
s/n 369300456
Thanks in advance Ron

Is it possibly made under another name?

it is one of those companies bought out by ECR International the merger of Dunkirk and Utica

Give them a Call.



I am going to do that on Monday just wanted to see if I could get the date for the report

If you give us the age of the house we may be able to decode the S/N with a guess. The model appears to be current production.

House was built in 1978, I do not beleive it to be the original boiler

Could be 36th week of 1993 but that is only a guess.
That would follow one of the common dating methods.

Put it a “tentative” in your report and follow up with an email after you call the mfg. on Monday.
You could also have your client confirm the install date and service scedule with the seller and or his agent.

It’s oil fired and periodic servicing is a must.

I only have one Ultimate in my records, and it did, indeed, follow that dating method as verified by both the ANSI date on the plate and the construction date of the home.