Need bad EIFS photos

Good Morning NACHI!
I’m in need of bad EIFS photos for my website. I don’t have any, as I haven’t started doing EIFS inspections yet. If anyone has a few they wouldn’t mind me using, I’ll be forever in your debt. My email address is:
Thank you in advance.

Any luck?

The last time I was down for a meeting all you had to do was walk the streets near Olathe. There were plenty of samples everywhere. I don’t remember the subdivision - but it was being built on an old schoolground. In fact NACHI President Blaine Wiley and I took a drive over there to visit his old neighborhood. You may want to contact him for directions or information.


That was most likely one cote stucco going up!

Did you see this house in that subdivision?

No. The ones we looked at appeared to have the job site shut down. Weeds were growing out of anything and everything. In and around the wire mesh, etc.

But I do think that you are correct. it was for one-coat.


You could fish your way through this thread and use anything I have posted.

These are the classics you see all the time. No idea where they got them, or if any are in the public domian.

Thanks Dale. I’m sure my soon to be competition has plenty, but I ain’t asking him.

Not to bad looking but had %58 moisture behind these locations.




What do you mean by that Stu?

Someone in your area going into the EIFS specific inspection business?

We’ll see.
Since I don’t do EIFS, I’ve always referred just the EIFS to another local inspector, and I’d do everything else. We both had work. The customer had good inspections.
This summer a customer called and needed the whole shebang. I referred the same inspector for the EIFS, and I booked the hi, the radon, the termite, just like always. 10 minutes the customer called back and told me the other guy discounted the hi, the radon and the termite, and she went with him for the whole enchilada. So I stayed home that afternoon and got started on the EDI course, with a little guidance from my NACHI pals, I’m looking for photos to add to my website and brochures. 2008 is going to be a busy, productive year.


Do you do stucco inspections?

Nope. Not stand alone.

I hope they have not been doing the same kind of crap in Columbia that they have in the KC metro.

There’s not as much new EIFS or stucco going up in residential compared to 5 years ago. But you can find crap everywhere you look, if you look.


***you have mail, take your pick ***
credit would be nice if you so choose

Call me if you have questions or need more EIFS info, good luck in your newest venture

You rock! I’ll be calling you soon.

Adding this specialized inspection service has added 11-51 full fee jobs per year since I started. ROI was recouped within the first 5 jobs as most homes here are 3,000 plus ft. Some inspectors around here get a min. of $650
I have a min. out the door and always bid under roof not just the conditioned space. Beware of the calls where they just tell you about the house and forget about the cabana, MIL, detached garage…you’ll show up and have twice the wall footage to inspect than you thought. Make sure all of your ladders have caps