need clarification on "laundry circuit" for new const.

I thought the washer circuit had to be seperate from another required 20 amp outlet in the laundry room…

I am finding a variety of methods lately and need more info.

Found one with only one 20 amp outlet behind the washer.
Found one with the washer on a 20 amp and another outlet on a 15 amp.

**Laundry Branch Circuits. **In addition to the number of branch circuits required by other parts of this section, at least one additional 20-ampere branch circuit shall be provided to supply the laundry receptacle outlet(s) required by 210.52(F). This circuit shall have no other outlets.

The 20 amp circuit can feed all receptacle outlets “in the laundry”. Theoretically you could iron and run the washer at the same time on a 20. YMMV

What if the one not for the washer is a 15 amp and has some other lights on it?

And what if no outlet is available for ironing except by leaning over the washer for that one?

There can be several circuits, 15 and/or 20 amp, however, there must be at least one, 20 amp, dedicated circuit for laundry room receptacles.

Can you have only a 20 amp that is behind the washer?

One, 20 amp receptacle located in the laundry room, fulfills the NEC requirement for “Laundry Branch Circuits.” 210.11©(2)

Right on Jeff

As of 2005NEC the receptacles within 5" of a laundry sink must be GFCI. If it is just a standpipe drain, no sink, it does not.

Just did a house today that had the laundry circuit tapped off the kitchen small appliance circuit. So when the GFCI in the kitchen was tripped all the electricity in the laundry, including the ceiling lights shut off. Another bit of information is the entire circuit was 14/2 AWG. Cool huh. That was just a couple of things I found. House was a POS.