Washing Machine Outlet

Is it required that a washing machine plug into a dedicated outlet?

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A dedicated “laundry” circuit is required by most electric codes, but nothing says the washer itself must be dedicated.

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Speedy are you sure about that one.

See this thread. http://en.allexperts.com/q/Electrical-Wiring-Home-1734/Adding-circuit-sub-panel-1.htm

210.11©(2) prohibits the use of the laundry circuit for supplying outlets that are not for laundry equipment. I think this would be considered a dedicated circuit.

Thats what I was getting too.

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Now GFCI is another story:)

“Laundry equipment” DOES NOT equal “washing machine alone”.
You can have five receptacles in the laundry room on the required laundry CIRCUIT.

This is just my own opinion and interpretation of the way the code is written.

And YES, I am absolutely sure about this one.

How is Laundry equipt different from washing machine, and did you see the thread?

210.52 Makes mention of a dedicated laundry circuit.

I think you have this backwards.

Laundry equipment DOES equal (or include) washing machine.

Washing machine, however, does not necessarily equal all types of laundry equipment.

The intent of the code comes into play, here. What would be the sense or objective in having a laundry circuit dedicated for laundry equipment and having the washing machine plugged in to a different circuit?

Although it makes mention of a dedicated circuit, it does not preclude you from plugging something else into the circuit so long as its in the laundryroom itself. 210.52 (F)

Sorry, that site doesn’t do much for me.

The correct answer is that the washing machine must be plugged into a circuit dedicated for laundry equipment.

WHO said anything about a different circuit???
I mean just what you wrote.

Here’s me:

My point exactly.

If you read the original question…you will see that the answer is “yes”.

Does the washing machine have to be plugged into a dedicated outlet?

Yes. It must be an outlet on a circuit that is dedicated to laundry equipment.

Seems pretty simple to me. He did not ask if it had to be dedicated to the washing machine…just “dedicated”.

Wow. It is amazing how something so simple can be twisted into something it’s not.
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You did say no.:):):slight_smile:

Yeah, but “no” with an explanation.
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