Need Code reference

I have been put on the spot to provide a code reference. 3ft clear for incoming service with 4:12 slope. Does anyone have the NEC ref. and year implimented?


That mast should be 18" off the roof deck. Don’t have code handy, but then again I don’t do code inspections. Have you asked the electricain to put on his letter head with his cert # and sign it that this is OK? I have yet to see one of these letters when I ask for them.:smiley:
my bad it would be 36" 3504.2.1ex2

230.24 Clearances
Service-drop conductors must be located so that they are not readily accessible, and they must comply with the following clearance requirements:
(A) Above Roofs. Overhead service conductors must maintain a minimum clearance of 8 ft above the surface of a roof for a minimum distance of 3 ft in all directions from the edge of the roof.

          ***Exception No. 2:** Where the voltage does not exceed 300V                  between conductors, overhead conductor clearances from the roof can be reduced from 8                  ft to **3 ft**, if the slope of the roof exceeds 4 in. in 12 in.*

         **Exception No. 3:** If the voltage between conductors does                  not exceed 300V, the conductor clearance over the roof overhang can be reduced from 8                  ft to 1.5 ft, if no more than 6 ft of overhead conductors pass over no more than 4 ft                  of roof overhang, and the conductors terminate at a through-the-roof raceway or approved                  support. Figure 230-10 230-24Ax3.cdr
         **Exception No. 4:**                  The 3 ft vertical clearance that extends from the roof does not apply when the point of                  attachment is on the side of the building below the roof.


I wouldn’t recommend even going in that direction. You called it out and now the sellers can get an electrician out there to confirm and correct this installation. It doesn’t even meet the 18 inch clearance from the drip loop.

Since he thinks he knows what he is talking about, ask him exactly where he is getting his information from.

I know your are looking from when it was included (I don’t have that information)but E3504.2.1 is where you can find it in the IRC book also.

That’s also what appears to be a PVC weatherhead installed on RMC or IMC in a nonconforming manner.

Kevin’s got it right I don’t quote code but I like knowing where the requirements come from.

I guess it depends on who is challenging you.
Let the electrician take the liability.
You called it out as a concern/safety issue in your opinion.


It looks newer, when do you think it was installed?

I am being called out by the listing agent who said I am maufacturing defects and have cause $500 damage to another home (blatent lie). He is denying my recomendation of further evaluation by an electrician. 1953 abortion remodel by the all structures licenced contractor who is the homeowner. I need the reference just to get it evaluated. Here is the rest of the service conduit and some other photos you will love. oops pushed wrong button.

Its raining, having sattelite problems. More to come.




Honestly Karl…I would simply state what you see, give your recommendations and CASH you check and move on…You simply can’t comply with ignorance and you most certainly cant FIX stupid.

heres more







Paul, how does that fix their refusal to allow furter evaluation nd the threats to sue me for manufactring defects? I don’t know what happened the system won’t let me upload any more pics.


The service drop and weatherhead are the least of this homes problems.

Run away, run away.

P.S. I think it’s limited to 5 pics per post.

Now sure how they can sue you Karl…you are simply stating what you see and making documentation of it. I say let them SUE and when you win you can go after them in return.

All you are required to do is report on what you find, if they wish to call it Manufacturing Defects then well…thats their ignorance and a judge will clearly see that…other than that not sure what you say to a person hell bent on sueing someone…“blinded by stupidity maybe”…but again if they are SET on going after you for these LIES that are making up…well I would do my report, give them a copy, document it with a witness and move on…stiring the POT only brings…well…more stuff to stir.

The permits were pulled in 05. They still are not coming up with the finals. All per buyers agent whom I called to recommend checking on the permits.

Now it let me add more pics.






Maybe you should call the agent’s boss/broker and explain the situation in a sit down meeting.

Sorry gone so long, had to reboot sattellite. Thanks Michael I needed the laugh.

That was my thought also about the sit down. I am aware that is the least of the problems, I spent 7.5 hrs. digging and documenting at the home.