Need help in identifing what this is

This was in the attic of today’s inspection. I first thought it was an air handler for AC but there was no exterior condenser. The home was heated by a gas boiler and I think this was an attempt by the home owner to use the hot water to heat the air and get heat through the ducts. The pipes ran to an evaporator coil (looks like one) in the attic. The cut pipes in the last photo were above the boile and I assume were to connect to the boiler. The system was unfinished (ducts not complete, heat pipes cut etc…) I have never seen this. Do I have the right idea and would this of worked?

While it may have worked its a POS handyman special. I find in some older houses there are individual hot water coils installed in line with duct work to boost the heat or add heat through the air conditioning system to different parts of the house - but they don’t look like this one.

A cobbled up mess that is just going to catch lint

Thanks guys, just junk in the attic.