Water lines connected to Air Handler

I’m not sure why these lines are connected to the coils on this air handler. Each line has a valve, like a water supply connection.

I’m just curious-can someone enlighten me what these are for?




Your photos don’t say a whole lot. The only times I see water lines connected to a coil in the air handler is when you have a hydronic heating system. Water is heated at the water heater, and a circulating pump circulates the water through a coil, similar to an evap coil, in the air handler to heat the home. You’ll want to make sure the water heater is listed for space heating, and check the coil. They are often very dirty. I always recommend an anti scald device (mixing valve) as well.

Thanks, Juan

yeah, we couldn’t get a great picute- it was in a cramped space, like a window seat or cabinet, on top floor of a 3 story house. There is no circulating pump that I could see, and neither line got “hot” in heating mode.

It’s only a 50 gallon tank, I would think if the hot water was gonna heat the 3100 sq ft house, the tank would be larger.

I am just curious about the set up, I’ve never seen it before.

Idk then. I really can’t make heads or tails of your pic. I don’t even see an air handler.

lol, it’s pretty cramped in there


That is what it is.

Another reason for water lines is to cool a condenser that is mounted inside the building.

Another thought…They could be using groundwater to help with the cooling.
I addition, Did you notice this…

I did notice the crimped pipe.

I am still curious about the set up, I’m gonna see if I can get hold of the homeowner to make an inquiry.

It’s way, way out in the country, it could be ground water, geo therm, or something else.