Probably a dumb question

What is the pipe in the center for, is something missing here? This is located in the attic. Any thoughts?


What is the point of termination at the other end of the duct?

This ducting is right above the forced air heating unit.

The only way to tell is to turn on the furnace. It appears to be a disconnected supply.

Did you note that the plumbers saw-zalled the ceiling joist, for the black piping? This needs a sister.

If the furnace was natural gas then it looks to be one of the combustion air supply ducts.

looks like that might be blocking instead of joist.

Possibly for draft air for the furnace.
Turning it on will tell you all you need to know.
I agree that the sawzall cut looks to be on a block, instead of a joist.

I agree. Combustion air drawn from the attic. . .

Thanks all,

the Sawzall cut is just through blocking, no finding there.

Darn it! I learned something again.