need help on a Federal Pacific question

Just inspected a home that had a Federal Pacific electrical main panel but there was no signs of overheating. It is stab lock box with double taps (crazy)should I only call for evaluation from electrician or would you consider this a safety hazard. Listing this as a safety hazard my customer has concerns that they might deny her loan even though I made her aware of the problem. Please help me with any feedback you could give all is welcome

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There is a Federal Pacific Electric service panel in the home. There are studies that show that some FPE circuit breakers are prone to problems that can lead to failures, lack of proper protection of circuits and other serious issues, including fire and electrocution. Although the Consumer Products Safety Commission has not issued a formal product recall, the panel is old and the company is now out of business. We cannot definitively call this panel defective, but recommend, for your peace of mind, to consult a qualified electrical contractor to get their opinion on this matter.



Here’s the way I inspect every property.

  1. I inspect every property as if I going to get sued.
  2. I inspect every property knowing that I might be a star on the 6:00 o’clock news that night.

Follow these rules and do your job to the best of your ability and don’t worry about anything else.

And to answer your question, if it’s a defect, report it as such.

Is that not what they just paid you for?

No! I’m not a qualified electrical contractor.

The box is no longer manufactured and considered obsolete. Replace it. If she wants more proof tell her to YouTube it. That will help make up her mind

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