Federal Pacific Panel

Does anyone have a standard paragraph they put in their report when there’s a Federal Pacific electric panel?

The panel was a Federal Pacific panel. No defects or problems found. :wink:

Or maybe this…

There is a Federal Pacific Electric service panel in the house. There are studies that show that some FPE circuit breakers are prone to problems that can lead to failures, lack of proper protection of circuits and other serious issues, including fire and electrocution. Although the Consumer Products Safety Commission has not issued a formal product recall, the panel is old and the company is now out of business. We cannot definitively call this panel defective, but recommend, for your peace of mind, to consult a qualified electrical contractor to get their opinion on this matter. You can learn more about this issue at: http://www.codecheck.com/pdf/electri...%20Nov2003.pdf, www.inspect-ny.com/fpe/fpepanel.htm, and http://www.inspect-ny.com/fpe/CPSCsummary.htm.

Oh geez…
Let’s see how long of a thread this one will be. :wink:

No need to be too long… the second post sums it up pretty well.

Would just eliminate the ’ or ’

Yep, that time of month again :wink:

How so?

“Calling Jeff Pope, Jeff Pope to the white courtesy phone please.” :wink:

“These panels are no longer manufactured due to some safety concerns. Electrical issues are considered a hazard until repaired. A qualified licensed electrical contractor should re-inspect this panel and perform repairs that involve wiring.”

What repairs ?
See nothing about conductors needing repair .

If you see “Federal Pacific” on your electrical panel and it concerns you…

Call someone else because I don’t care who made it, only if it is defective (and I can prove it).

Guess we are in for another wave of new inspectors we can defer this crap to.

So was it broke or not? Please show us because I can’t seem to find these problems that are in ‘every’ Fed Pac panel that everyone talks about. Maybe I need to trade in my thermal camera.

don’t trade it in, David.

I’ve inspected at least a dozen FPE’s and haven’t found the first problem with them yet!

People seem to worry about the breakers “popping” out. I only had one breaker fall out during an inspection, and it was a GE, and it was my fault it popped out. It was OFF, had no wires going to it, and I caught it on the middle edge of the cover when removing the cover. I just laid it in the bottom of the panel.

Then why did you recommend to OP your comment in post #2, with the questionable links?

Thanks Mr. Witt. I might have missed this had you not paged me… :wink:

Actually, I’m ok with Michael Clark’s narrative (if you’re so inclined to defer just based on being FPE), but I would lose the links to the “scare sites.”

Good catch, Chris. It’s a canned comment that I don’t use, and I didn’t remove the links.

I usually just report any defects, and don’t elaborate with the “what if’s”

If anything, I’ll verbally tell them the panel is likely older and may need upgraded soon.

Those aren’t scare sites, perhaps some are a bit sensationalized, but getting rid of a panel with documented defects and UL listing fraud is not a bad idea.

Here we go…again

[size=1]…Bunk !

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Show me the evidence it is bunk, I have the links that it is not.

I see no harm in gently telling a client about them.