NEED HELP : septic tank install BIONEST

Hi folks

i saw this on an inspection :

there is a vent attached to the tank, although i have a septic tank i never seen this, also, the vent is right under the trap of the air exchanger (???)

the conductor for the pump: there is got to be a better way to do that (breaking the concrete cap)

i dont know much about these BIONEST tank, can anyone shed a light??


Go to the products tab. It will show you an animated graphic of how it should operate.

The conductors should be run through the knockout that are easily seen in the (your) second pic.

thx jeff!

i didnt see any vent pipes in the video, thoughts anyone?

In this jurisdiction the tanks are vented through the sewer drains and up through the roof vent.
Take a look at the Private sewer system course at It only takes 10 hours to do it. Enjoy!