Need help - submersible well pump wires cut

Got home today and tree mover cut my well lines. Wires are not color coded, tree mover cut my well pump motor circuit and water line.

From the relay to the hole I was able to indentify and mark four wires, ground, yellow, red and blue.

Any ideas how I can identify the yellow, red and blue motor wires going down to the pump?

Attached is the schematic and a couple of really nice holes for your amusement.




I am confused…Did they not DIg this up as the wires should remain color coated to the termination point on the pump. Can you provide a shot of what you have in the way of the unknown wires.

Based on this is it not Red, Black and Yellow...and are you saying from the terminal BLOCk the wires are not color coated as they go to the motor itself....ours are always color coated to the motor itself.


No color codes on the wires. All black.

I think the problem is solved. Took my focus off the hole and saw a small J box at the wellhead. Popped it open and the wires from the J box going downhole are color coded. I’ll meg 'em backwards to the hole.

Thank you Jesus!

lol…glad you got it solved…as I said their needed to be some color located wires somewhere…

Yes as long as you have the colors at the pump cap you can ring them back to the control terminals and you should be fine.


I was a worried camper there for a while! :neutral:

I got everyting temporaried before it got too dark. Will fix permanent tomorrow.

Thanks for being there.

NO problem brother…if you ever have a electrical need do not hesitate to give me a ring on the phone. Thats what I am here for fella.


Just make sure to sue the heck out of the tree mover.

That will make you feel better.

Thank you Will. I have filed suit for $37.50 in damages for 1 1/4 inch PVC pipe, fittings, “J” box and wire nuts.

I expect they might settle for half that amount. :smiley:

But John, what about all the emotional stress caused by the loss of water, Your wife couldn’t do the washing, your son couldn’t clean his bike! my god man they’ll be scarred for life, I hope everyone involved is in therapy as they be could suffering from Post Irrigation Stress Syndrome (in short they are PISSed)

The real damages may only be $37:50, but there has to be a million $ punative action to stop contractors finding waterlines in future, Hell if they have done it once or twice before we may be able to get a class action suit started.

Isn’t that the American way? :wink:




You have a point. Someone other than me should be held responsible for what happens on my property. :smiley: :smiley:

You said thank you Jesus when you solved the problem, continue to give Him the credit and glory, approach the outfit that did the damage and give him your feelings about payment to fix it, if nothing is settled than don’t use or refer him anymore, but to sue, I say “do unto others” I would hope if I ever screw up in life somehow, that people are as willing to discuss before it with me before attorneys have to get involved.

Hey Brian,

It’s all tongue in cheek. Well, except the Jesus part. :wink: