Lets go for a swim!

What? looks safe to me.
Just your typical pump motor aux panel. :smiley:

I suppose you wrote this up, No consideration for thinning out the heard theory . Dang deal Killer you are. lol
BTW I wish you would fix it so i can over to your place and swim again .

Just curious, how would you write this up?

The electrical panel for the pool wiring was in poor condition. Several issues were noted. Due to the condition of the panel, an electrician should evaluate and make proper corrections. These corrections should include proper grounding and ground fault safety for pool requirements.

I just passed that one on. It was raining and the dead cover was falling off to begin with. I would start with a new box that would keep out the water and wasps personally.

The electrical panel for the pool wiring was not safe, in very poor condition and can kill you. Several issues were noted that due not follow safety standards of today. Due to the condition of the panel, an electrician should evaluate and make the proper corrections. These corrections should include a proper grounding of the pump and ground fault safety for the pool requirements. Since the dead front cover is falling off I would not use this panel until proper corrections are made ASAP.
The wasp nest will need removed by Pest Control Technician before Certified Electrician is called in to evaluate.

Thanks. :cool:

In Dec. Kevin?? One there were no wasps since it cold and two even if a pest guy would waste his time to come and remove the wasp nest, he may not be the best person to be sticking his fingers in the panel.

I think the electrician could handle a few dead wasps. :smiley:

It was wrote up as a defect BTW

True and my comment was not to guess. I was just adding my point of view as to the pictures presented. I did not know this was a recent inspection. I would not mention a pest control if it is abandoned. You did well at your comment except for no safety issue presented.
I would not accept poor condition.

I appreciate your point of view. Generally anything noted as a defect in my reports requires immediate attention. :wink:

I think safety is over rated , Why not have a little spark in your life? ( just kidding by the way)

Hi Sean, Glenn the pool electrician here. Your customer needs a specialist. 680 is a wild and wacky chapter of the NEC, most electricians don’t have the experience to do it right. I humbly suggest your customer call a local pool builder and ask for the number of their oldest electrician.
I don’t think that black luminaire cord install should have passed, even when it was new.
Ditto for the #8 bare copper equipotential bond wire install. The bond wire should also be attached to the motor housing, unless it’s one of those very rare double insulated motors, in which case it shouldn’t. And there should be another one from the luminaire wet niche running parallel to the black cord. The bond landing on the ground bar is actually to code for a panel that’s not mounted on the house. It’s being used as an ufer ground(CEE). If the panel were mounted on the house, a case could be made that it’s a second ground not properly tied in to the Grounding Electrode Conductor, but it always passes that way even on the house. It does no harm.

I like your dry humor Wayne. I share this same fault. It makes life a little more enjoyable at times.

Good Info, thanks!