Need help with a wind mitigation inspection

Hello everyone, happy new year! I did today a wind mitigation inspection at Pembroke Pines Florida, but there was no access to see the roof structure, this is what the ceiling looks like and if I step out of the house I can see inside the soffit through the vent opening but I see the same as inside the hose

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picture of soffit:

There’s got to be some sort of structure between the tong and groove and the roof sheathing but there’s no way of telling it almost feels like the shingles are directly onto the tong and groove but I can’t see nails. is there a way of filling the wind mitigation form with this type of roof?


I’m no expert as I just did my first two yesterday (in Hawaii fwiw) but I know there is a box that says “no attic access”. One of the two houses I had was the same situation. I just checked that box and moved on.

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I had one similar to this,

If you look through the decking you can usually tell if its Peel and Stick (SWR) or not. Anything other than Peel and stick is No SWR or you can just say cannot be determined.
Document what you can, in cases like this I will ask for contractor info and try to see if they have any documentation during the roof installation that can help me identify deck fasteners or roof/wall connections. The one I had like this, most things could not be determined. The owner was not happy with a wind mitigation that didn’t give a bunch of discounts but I didn’t build the house that way so I tried to not lose too much sleep over it. Not sure if that helps at all but I just documented the best I could

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Sometimes they will have a clip that attaches to the outside of the top plate, rather than the inside. But if you cannot verify, you just have to checkmark “unknown, or unidentified”.

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What’s the depth of the roof assembly, as measured form the inside of the skylight? Did you bring a ladder, or climb those trees and swing?

Ive done hunderds and I can’t see how you would do this because

  1. The connections from block to wall look to be obscured behind a wood panel in picture 3
  2. The nail length, and position will be difficult if not impossible due to the panels on the roof.
  3. SWR will be the same

If the soffits show nothing as you stated, no attic access is likely your only option without removing panels.

For me, without any additional information, Question #3, #4 and #6 will likely be “Unknown or Unidentified/Undetermined”. However, if blueprints, re-roof permit records and/or other similar documents are available to review, it may be possible fill out the inspection form more accurately depending on the information included in any available documents.