Wind mitigation help

Hi all
I need some help with this wind mitigation please.

I am not quite sure what to put on the form as the sheathing was covered with sprayed foam.
I could not get any measurements for the nail spacing or nail length.
Also did not see any clips or straps. I have attached pictures of what I found.
The townhouse was built in 2012 – did not find any permit on line but will call the county Monday to find out what they have.

  1. What do I mark for the “roof decck attachement” – can’t see the sheathing.
  2. What do mark for the “roof to wall attachement” – not sure which option to use.
  3. Would this be an SWR?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.




That’s not a roof to wall connection.
And what do you see that looks like a SWR? Do you have another photo?

If you can’t see the details or measure the fastener spacing, then you have only one choice on the form (“Unknown or Unidentified”).


Have you taken a Wind Mitigation class?

This is a FBC built home. No need to show RTW or RDA. If it was a non-FBC home the selections would be “unknown”.

What is "RDA "?

Roof deck attachment

I realize that it is an FBC and the reason I asked about the SWR was because a fellow inspector mentioned that is the option I would select but I did not agree and wanted to verify.
Back to the RTW and RDA - do I leave the options blank. Or select Unknown or unidentified for both?

If you don’t do those two what is left to do in the attic?

SWR verification

It’s good that you are asking for help. Being in South Florida if you are nt aware there will be a Wind & 4 Pt class next month in Weston. It would be a good idea to attend. Contact Dennis Bonner

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Thanks for the info - will definitely check it out

Truss spacing and deck thickness too.

No need for that on a FBC home. It’s already been verified by AHJ…twice.