Need help with Tappan A/C & Heatpump Age

Need help with ages on these two. Never Seen Tappan units before.

A/C unit
Model # FT5BU-069K
Serial # FTA060300288

Model # B3BM-060K-CB
Serial # B3B040614791

According to Carson Dunlop’s book, the A/C is might be June 03 and the heatpump would be April 04. Tappan went out of business in 1981. If newer they are made by Nordyne. But as is the case often, those numbers don’t really match the pattern in the book.

James made a very good guess, if these were manufactured by Nordyne. However, I believe that these units were manufactured by International Comfort Products, which would mean they were manufactured in January 1988 for the condenser and November 1991 for the heat pump.

This is a great example where one should use Prestons Guide to determine when the model number was available and then use the Technical Reference Guide to determine the actual month and date.

Unfortunately, my Prestons Guide is not in its usual location, which means a certain person has borrowed it. And I think I know which one. Which means that I’ll be lucky if it gets returned before November 21, 2007. :margarit: I might have to make a trip to North County.

Thanks for the help.


Hey, Russell.

Which seems more reasonable, 2003/2004 or 1988/1991, when you take other things into consideration, like the age of the house, condition of the equipment, etc.?