NEED Inspectors for 1000 INSPECTIONS in Texas!!

Hi Guys,

Awesome breaking news… (news wire clicking)

I was just contacted by Cody Briggs (NACHI Member) - & in Richmond, Texas who is a Home Inspector Pro software user.

He was chosen by a large law firm to perform over 1000 home inspections involved in a class action lawsuit. All these inspections must be done with Home Inspector Pro software (the attorneys required this as they loved the look and want them all to be the same format).

The area of the inspections is around Galveston , TX I believe and Cody is in Richmond. He is looking for about 8 inspectors to help him get the job done. If you’re interested you can call him at 1-281-932-2409 or email him at as he’s interviewing inspectors to find the most experienced to help him get these jobs done.

Good luck! :mrgreen:

I replied , but I would imagine a Texas License is needed, so who do I pay off?:slight_smile:
Darn,did not think about it till I pressed send.

Boy you Illinois people are all the same. Maybe we would should just put a fence around the whole state and turn it into a federal prison.

Great news for Cody And Nachi Members in Texas.

What ,you get get me connected?
All you offer is appreciation.


Lucky Bstrds
I need to get outta the cold.

Congratulations, Dom. You can get no higher endorsement for your product than this.

Just funnin with you Bob.

I know that ever person there can’t be a crook.

Dominic better start working on using this for marketing.

Thanks James :slight_smile: Obviously Cody’s attention to detail in his reports is what they liked as well.

Hey guys,

Yes, a Texas license is required. This is going to kick off before the end of the year. Looking for several TREC licensed inspectors (with insurance)

Cody…I sent you an e-mail. I could probably see my way clear to help you out some. :smiley:

I would do it if I were closer, and weren’t having a baby in 2 weeks, and were “more experienced”, and had a TREC license. But hey I got HIP!

I sent an email as well. I was doing storm inspections after Ike and heard grumblings from some homeowners about a possible lawsuit against their builder in that area. I guess they mobilized and got it together.

There might be some expert witness work coming out of this too.

No doubt, that would definitely make sense. They would need someone to interpret all that data and sort through it. Then appear in court!

Is this all about some shoddy builder work or is it due to a product defect?

Anyone know that is allowed to tell?


Most likely shoddy construction. Of course shoddy construction can also be labeled a product defect!:smiley:

Cody knows all the details, I only talked to him for a few minutes on the phone and didn’t get all the details. I sent him an email and if the info is allowed to be released I’ll definitely let you know. Or, hopefully he’ll come back and post it! I’d like to know myself.