Need New Award Committee

Need New Award Committee for the web page of the
year for 2006… the old committee is not doing it’s job.

It’s been announced…


Sorry, but I don’t see it and no official posting has
been added that I can see. Did I miss something?

I think the post Dave is referring to is a joke. An official announcement is more likely to be made by the Committee chairman or Nick.

The website of the year is not under the purview of the award committee. That would be Nick. Contact him.

Week 4, November 2006:

we already voted…the one above won…:wink:

What is the Awards Committee’s job John? Perhaps you should join the Awards Committee.:smiley:

I already contacted Nick and he said “they” wanted to handle it,
but “they” will not do anything. The “they” is an unknown

We need to replace the “they”, IMHO.

John, it is unfortunate that you would accuse the Award Committee to not doing it’s job, when you have not initiated the effort into finding out who is responsible for this Award as you mention.
If you would have gone one step further on your part, before accusations, and explored what the Nomination Page description of Awards are, this would not have been posted.

The Web Site Award was consummated by our Founder Nick Gromiko, and he can be contacted at Nick Gromicko (Idaho)

This is how it started and will be left to that affect.

The Awards Committee is consisted of the most elite members possible at the moment, but we are always ready to welcome new members. If you wish to join us and maybe provide a better understanding and more proper protocols to your expectations, you are welcome.

Just notify me by e-mail to your request.

In the meantime, I would suggest that you review your pointed question and it’s direction.

Dull arrows have a tendency to bounce back.



Not to be argumentative…but it looks like this is going no-where.

Nick says it is your committee who will decide and you say it is Nick. Which of the two of you will be the first to get a handle on this and come up with a 2006 winner? It seems like a pretty simple issue to resolve.

James Can you show me the place where Nick said that it is the awards Committee to handle that or is this just hear say information .
I try to stay on top of many things on this BB and I must have missed it .

Thanks Roy Cooke

James, it is simple, Nick has never athorized this Awards Committee to take over what he started, and the Awards Committee consences was to not get involved because this Web Site thingy was like Nicks pet poodle. So, we left it alone for him to mature the subject.

I have conferred with John Bowman on this subject some time ago and was explained to me what the situation was and I left it alone.
If someone is getting mixed facts about this subject, I would expect that I would be the first one to know.

So as far as I am concerned, anyone that should have any questions to this issue, should contact Nick themselves and not descriminate the Association catorgized tier of protocols.


Roy, See post #8.

Looks like hear say information to me .

Roy Cooke

Uh…Roy…technically speaking, everything you read on this message board is “hearsay”.

I have an idea…Why don’t you guys pick a website you like, make it “Website of the Year” and move on. Debate is over. If Nick disagrees, he will tell you. Odds are, right now he could give a rat’s ASHI about it.


And I believe the “They” is NACHI HQ Staff

So does this mean that John is requesting an entirely new office staff now?
(but that hearsay as well…):mrgreen:

As I said before,

I already contacted Nick and he thinks the “they” are suppose
to do it and the “they” need pressure to get off the pot.

I am only only on the outside pushing to make someone
grunt and go.

John, your site came in second, it was a very close contest and you should feel proud.:smiley:

Everyone else’s site tied for first.:stuck_out_tongue:

And the winner is:

I tried to tell you earlier, but you all kept dragging this on.